...'s Portfolio


You can make your own title page here.  The one above is only an example

You could choose a theme to use, or you can design you own custom theme.   To do this, click on 'More Actions' in the top right corner, and go to 'Manage Site'. Then click on theme at the bottom left.   You may choose any of these themes available.  If you want to modify the colours in the theme, choose the theme first, and then click on 'Colours and Fonts' to modify it.   You need to select the 'custom' button to make modifications.

Some things to try:
  • add a table - this will allow you more control over placing images and text.
  • add images - remember they must be appropriate for BBI and for a learning portfolio
  • maybe add in some links or video - of course they will be appropriate
This title page should reflect all about you, your passions and dreams, what you think and feel. 
It should give a good insight into who you are.