Welcome to the 2017 season

  • Equipment for Tryouts
    • Athletic clothing
    • Soccer ball
    • Shinguards
    • Soccer cleats
    • Running sneakers
    • Plenty of your own water
    • Make sure all Impact Testing and Physical documentation is turned in prior to the start of tryouts
  • Impact Testing
    • Lasts for two years
    • Offered June 13, 14, and 15 at HHS Library after school
    • FACE is offering Impacting testing at night
      • Reach out to them for more details
  • Physicals
    • Last for 13 months
    • Should be handed into Athletic Director, Scott Hutchison
    • Medical documentation does not travel from Hanover Middle School to Hanover High School
    • *Physicals and Impact Testing must be turned into the Athletic Department prior to trying out.  If the appropriate documentation is not handed in then a player will not be allowed to tryout/participate until all appropriate documentation is turned in
      • **Please contact Athletic Director, Scott Hutchison (shutchison@hanoverschools.org) should you have specific questions
  • Hanover High School Boys Soccer Pre-Season Survey
    • Click here for survey:  http://goo.gl/forms/1JlKQQ7B0NFfhodO2
      • *Please complete the survey by clicking on the link above
        • **You will need to be signed in with your Hanover Schools username and password in order to complete survey
          • ***This is for players only
  • Below you will find:
    • Introductory letter from the coaching staff
    • Player Expectations PDF
    • Please review the Player Expectation PDF and send an email to Coach Steven Rodday @ srodday@hanoverschools.org.  This will stand as your agreement to the policies outlined in the Hanover High School Indians Boys Soccer Player Expectations in addition to the Hanover High School Student Handbook Code of Conduct.
    • Monthly Pre-Season and Regular Season Schedules PDF
      • August schedule
      • September schedule
      • October schedule
      • These schedules are subject to change on short notice and at the discretion of the coaching staff.  Specific times will be made available when they are determined.
    • Braintree 6v6 Summer League Schedule PDF
      • Teams are broken down as follows:
        • Hanover - HVR - Division 2 team
        • Hanover 2 - HVR2 - Division 3 team
          • *Players were emailed which team they were placed on
*Please contact coach Steve Rodday at srodday@hanoverschools.org should you have any questions regarding any of the above information.
  • Captain's Practices
    • Begin Tuesday July 5 at 9:30am at Forge Pond Park running Monday through Thursdays up through tryouts
    • These are highly recommended by the coaching staff, however optional, but an opportunity to train for the upcoming tryouts
  • Questions please contact either of the following three captains elect:
    • Garrett Madison, gmadison18@hanoverstudents.org, 781.738.7466
    • Joe Doyle, jdoyle18@hanoverstudents.org, 781.254.6718
    • Ryan Hennessy, rhennessy18@hanoverstudents.org, 781.812.8071
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