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Tara Stone
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This webpage is designed to keep important long term information regarding our classroom and school routines.  The link to my blog is posted below.  You will get an email any time I update and publish a new post on the blog.  You will only see a portion of the update in your email so be sure to click the link within the body of the email to see specific content area updates.

Welcome to Mrs. Stone’s class! You’ll find us in Room 210 in the second grade pod.  
I feel fortunate to be a part of such a talented and dedicated team of teachers. We work together to provide a consistent learning experience for all children. Second graders have unique social, emotional, and cognitive needs, and our team provides a wealth of experiences in a warm, inviting, and friendly environment. Ultimately, we hope to create lasting memories for all children who experience learning through our teaching.

  • The morning bell will ring at 7:55 as opposed to 8:00.
  • School brings PROMPTLY at 8:00!
  • After school plans MUST be arranged before dismissal and communicated to the main office or the classroom.  Ms. Dessert will not be able to hold up buses or make phone calls to figure out last minute after school plans.
  • When dropping your child off, please have them exit from the right side door.
  • Please pay attention to, and follow those adults in reflective vests who direct the cars and buses to keep everyone safe (especially those families using the crosswalk).
  • Please make sure your drop off is quick and efficient.
  • If you need to enter the building, use the parking lot instead of parking in the roundabout parking area.
  • Please leave the handicapped parking spaces for those who need it.
  • At pick up time, please park in a space other than the bus loading zone.
  • ALL students being picked up or riding a bus must exit the building through the main lobby doors only to meet their ride.

PE:  Monday 12:30-1:15
Wednesday 12:30-1:15

Music:  Tuesday 8:10-9:00

Art:  Thursday 2:00-2:45

Chorus: Wednesday 9:00-9:45

Library: Thursday 10:00-10:45

This year I ask that you please contact me ahead of time before sending in any treats with your child.  Our class will be NUT FREE this year.  Please refrain from sending in any peanut or other nut products.  For birthday snacks, we ask that you be mindful of all dietary needs in the classroom and maybe try something new besides lots of sugar, chocolate or candy.  Thanks for considering!

  • Each Friday I will send home a purple folder with completed work from the week and any important papers that may need signing and returning.
  • If you need to reach me, it is best to email.  I check email periodically throughout the day and will at the very least, acknowledge your email that day, if not fully respond by the end of the day.
  • If you feel you need to call, please leave a message with Gwyn in the office and she will deliver it to me.  I do not have another adult in the room for much of the day, so it is challenging to stop teaching to answer the phone.
  • If you need to communicate a change in after school plans, it is best to send a written note with your child that I can read and then send along to Gwyn.