¡Bienvenidos!  Welcome to the Spanish-speaking world.

This site is being superseded by Schoology, and so students will be better served by going to that platform.

However, within this site you will still find a page dedicated to some of the classes I teach, and within each page I have added some links to documents you can download, such as vocabulary and grammar games, practice quizzes, and other information.

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Academic Year 2018-19 Teaching Schedule
Period 1:    Spanish 2H
Period 2:    Spanish 3H
Period 4:    Spanish 4
Period 6:    Spanish 3H
Period 7:    Spanish 2H

Link to Course Standards and Expectations for 2H:

Link to 2H signature page for CSE:

Link to Academic and Classroom Expectations for 3H:

Link to 3H signature page for the ACE:

Link to Academic and Classroom Expectations for Spanish 4

Link to Spanish 4 signature page for the ACE:

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