¡Bienvenidos!  Welcome to the Spanish-speaking world.

Within this site you will find a page dedicated to each of the classes I teach, and within each page I have added some links to documents you can download, such as vocabulary and grammar games, practice quizzes, and other information.

This site is being superseded by Schoology, and so students will be better served by going to that platform.

Contact Information

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(603) 643-3431 ext. 2606

Academic Year 2017-18 Teaching Schedule
Period 1:    Spanish 2H
Period 3:    Spanish 3H
Period 4:    Spanish 3H
Period 5:    Spanish 2H
Period 7:    Spanish 3H

Link to Course Standards and Expectations for 2H:

Link to 2H signature page for CSE:

Link to Academic and Classroom Expectations for 3H:

Link to 3H signature page for the ACE:
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