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Welcome to Mr. Scribner’s 4th-grade class!

You will find us in Room 403 of the fourth-grade pod. As a team of fourth-grade teachers, we strive to collaborate in all areas of the curriculum to provide a consistent scope and sequence of learning for all children. As an elementary student in a rural New York town, I had the pleasure of learning from a community of teachers that created an engaging educational environment for me. One teacher who was of great inspiration to me was Mr. Luke, my sixth-grade teacher. His wit coupled with his belief in being a life-long learner has been a model for my own teaching. With this background, I strive to create a similar learning opportunity for all children within my classroom.

Room 403 is a self-contained classroom with 18 students, 11 boys, and 7 girls. With the help of my supportive educational assistant; TBD, we will encourage students to be: inquisitive, independent readers, to take learning risks, and to enjoy school. In the classroom student behavior is guided by the school expectations “Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe.”

Fourth grade can be a tremendous year of growth as students become more independent and self-directed in their learning. We enthusiastically look forward to working with each student as they grow and develop throughout this school year.

Please support your child’s learning by providing them with a place to read voraciously every possible waking moment while at home, and ensure that they pack a nutritious snack each day.