Welcome to Sustainability at Richmond Middle School! 

We hope to use this page to highlight our efforts to make RMS a more sustainable school.


1) We have a sustainability committee with staff, parents, and other community members and are planning to expand to include student reps. Contact Suzanne Sylvester if you would like to participate!

2) We started a composting program in which we save our food scraps and share them with a local farm.

3)  Our school-wide recycling program is more comprehensive.

4)  We have had a student sustainability group, the Green Lunchers.

5) Students have conducted a paper study to help the school switch to more sustainable paper instead of 100% virgin paper for copying/printing.

5)  Heightened awareness through all school bulletin boards and all school activities such as Green Week, PSA’s, and a "Kick the Bottle Campaign" to reduce our use of single-use plastic water bottles.

6)  As a result of a student initiative, we have RMS water bottles and five RMS bottle refill stations.  

7)  We’ve reduced paper use through making the default double-sided printing and we have print release stations.  We have some paperless classrooms with the eighth-grade iPad program.

8)  We’ve increased participation in our Bike/Walk to school events.

9)  We hosted a neighborhood planning meeting for a long-term plan for the neighborhood.  Topics included character, traffic, maintaining green spaces, equity, justice, the role of CRREL and Dartmouth in the area, the role of schools, etc.

10)   We’ve increased the consideration of sustainable products with purchasing.  For example, we switched to LED’s for three light poles outside when we needed to replace units.  It will continue to be a practice in the future.

11)  Staff members examined their own practices and challenged themselves to try something for a week last Earth Week. These pledges were publicly displayed for the school community.

12)  We have new place-based experiences as part of the curriculum.

13)  We have a leadership class for eighth-graders and a 6-8 student council.

14)  Our school engages in community service initiatives through class efforts and student council.

15) We have registered as an "EcoSchool" with the NWF and are exploring the possibilities of using this tool as a guide for our continued work in sustainability at RMS.

16) We have steadily increased the availability of food grown and produced locally in our school cafeteria. #localvore

17) The entire RMS facility was upgraded to LED lighting during the 2015-2016 school year.

18) We have added a Solarflect Solar Tracker Unit during the 2018-2019 school year.

19) Students organized and held a walkout on May 24, 2019, to raise awareness of Climate Change issues.

20) RMS students, staff, and families participated in the Global Youth Climate Change Strike on September 18, 2019.

21) 2020 Remote Learning Independent Project by 7th-grade student Campbell Madden focused on RMS engaging in more sustainable practices in our cafeteria. Recommendations pending.



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