RMS Guidance Home

Welcome to the Richmond Middle School Guidance Department!

Please feel free to contact Ms. Liz Powers (Ms. Kares) at x 2270.

Please feel free to contact Mr. John LaCrosse at x 2272.

  • The Guidance Office is located across from the Main Office and serves as a resource for all Richmond Middle School students and their parents.
  • Counselors are happy to facilitate meetings and discuss individual supports for students.
  • Liz (McBain) Powers works primarily with students whose last names begin with the letters A-K. John LaCrosse works primarily with students whose last names begin with L-Z.
    The RMS Counseling Office is pleased to welcome substitute counselor Ms. Wendy Kares to the counseling staff beginning January 17, 2017. Ms. Kares will be covering Mrs. Powers' maternity leave through April vacation. Ms. Kares formerly worked as a middle school counselor at Hartford Memorial Middle School. Ms Kares will be covering the A-K (last names) students at RMS, and will be available Monday through Thursday at RMS. Please welcome Ms. Kares and do not hesitate to be in touch. She can be reached at WendyKares@hanovernorwichschools.org or by calling the RMS Office.

  • Guidance Counselors work with all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students.
  • Students take Guidance class for one quarter each year.
  • Guidance Counselors meet with classroom teachers and administrators through team meetings at least once a week, and serve as professional leaders who share opinions, suggestions, information, and directions as they may relate to students, staff, and programs.
  • Guidance Counselors are involved in all levels of student support, including class advisement, academic support, social/emotional guidance, and career development. Guidance Counselors provide counseling services which assist in the development of the student as a total person.

David Drazin also works in conjunction with the counseling office as a part time School Psychologist.