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The Ray School has a program of comprehensive school health, the goal of which is to promote healthy lifestyle practices. Through the Health Office, we conduct annual screenings for hearing, vision, and blood pressure. An influenza immunization clinic is offered each year allowing students to receive a flu vaccine during the school day. 

The Health Office is open full time for assessment and decision-making in the treatment of any injuries or illnesses which occur at school. I am always available to discuss any health concerns or changing needs of your child.

The elementary school years are an important time for the development of healthy lifestyle practices. Children also learn healthy behaviors through physical education, the lunch room, our guidance program and through observation of the many adults at the Ray School.

Vision and Hearing Screening
Screening for vision and hearing will begin taking place at school this week (1/31/17). This year we will be screening Kindergarten, First Grade, Third Grade and Fifth Grade. The process that is followed: If any difficulties are discovered then the child is re-screened. If the child continues to have difficulty then the parent will be notified. This process may take us several weeks to get through. If you have any questions or concerns please call me in the health office.

Dressing for Winter
It's winter and children are expected to be outside for recess. Please be sure your children are dressed warmly, with hats, mittens, snow pants and boots.