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The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children!
Cheryl Lavender

We are fortunate to have Mr. Tristan Mayes student teaching with us.  He is a senior at Plymouth State University and will graduate in May with a degree in Music Education.  Mr. Mayes is a gifted teacher and we are so excited that he has agreed to stay with us until the last day of school (most student teachers end their practice when they graduate).

Kindergarten students continue to explore the steady beat, melodic singing, playing instruments and learning about music through nursery rhymes, stories and singing games.  Each class is just plain fun!

First graders enjoy music stories and games as well, plus they're honing both their melodic and rhythmic notation skills.  They are diligent learners!

Second graders have started learning the dances that they will perform at their respective Colonial Day. All classes will learn "The Sweets of May," and in addition, each class will learn one dance specific to their class.  On their special day, they will be accompanied by two fiddlers and (hopefully!) a string bass.

Third graders are wrapping up a unit on the instruments of the orchestra, and will now be starting to learn about setting a poem to music.  We're looking forward to hearing their compositions!

Fourth and fifth graders just took a field trip to Plymouth State University as the culminating experience to their Link Up curriculum.  During this hour-long performance, the students sang and played their recorders with the NH Festival Orchestra.  It was a wonderful day!

Fourth graders will continue their study of the recorder for the rest of the school year, so please help them to remember to bring their recorders to each class.

Mr. Stone's and Ms. Hareld's 5th grade classes will be working on various group projects for the rest of the year.  Their first unit is rhythmic basketball - it's harder than it sound!!!

We're trying something new with our choral concert this spring!  The performance for parents and family will be on Friday, June 16th at 6:00 PM (in the EVENING!).  Please note:  it is important that ALL students attend this concert!!!  We look forward to having you hear the choral accomplishments of the Ray School musicians!