les dates
cherchez les mots: a word search with months of the year and days of the week
la mémoire: match the sounds with the words
les saisons et les mois: match the months with the right season 
rangez les mots: click on a person and drag him or her to the pedestal that corresponds to the month he or she says
prononciation, les jours: listen to the days and the activities that go with them, then type in the name of the day
prononciation, les mois: click on the month to hear the pronunciation, then type the name of the month
les jours et les mois: move the right and left arrows around the check button to move the letters in the right order, then use the up and down arrows to put them in the right order
Qu'est-ce qu'on fait aujourd'hui?  type in the day of the week that matches with each activity 
les mots rapides: type in the words you hear before the cannonballs fall on the people's heads!
mots croisés: click on a crossword row or column and type in the words you hear