Welcome to the site for the French program at the Marion Cross, which serves all students at the school! This is an expansion of our program, and it is an adventure for all of us. Please do not hesitate to contact either Madame Katie Hyams or Madame Allison Litten with any questions.

Les grands et les petits
As part of their community service selective, sixth graders have been working with the kindergarten students, practicing numbers, animals, and colors in French.

On bouge dans la classe de français!

Bridge - animated short film.mp4

Language Learning in the News
The importance of French, and Vermonters, for the Peace Corps: USA Today

There were articles about French at MCS in the Valley News this past fall.
Friday, 7 November in the Valley Parents section.
Tuesday, 18 November in Section C, the education pages.
"Language Learning Opens Up New Horizons" (The Telegraph, 20 Nov. 2014)

How's your French?
Take this quiz to see if you know these basic 14 French phrases.

Click here for Linguascope! See Madame for the username and password-the password has changed!!

In addition to having a web presence, Linguascope is now "on the go!" Download apps for your smartphones and tablets; search for "Linguascope" in your app store.

How to use this site
Along the sidebar you will find links for each grade level.  The main page gives a summary of our activities and topics covered in class.  Under "Activities" for each grade, there will be a timeline of what we did in class on each day.  This will help students who are absent catch up and parents who want to learn more about our class activities get a feel for what we do each day.  To see photos of what we are doing in class, click on the "Photos" link.  The "Resources" page under each grade level contains links to websites that are relevant to our topics of study.  Games and online activities for specific vocabulary topics are located under "Vocabulary Activities."  In addition, I add a "Site du mois" every month, highlighting a new website that can help deepen your child's understanding of French. Finally, for those looking for more challenges, the "Activités Avancées" offer advanced online games and activities.

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