Welcome to Methods!  
This is a  hands-on course with concentrations in mathematical applications in chemistry and physics.  The use of computer software, application and manipulation of scientific equipment, integration of algebraic and geometric processes, and safety are themes present throughout.

Methods consists of three major units covering: 

1.   basic science skills including conducting a controlled experiment, making observations & inferences, writing summaries of results and conclusions, measuring, graphing, and using mathematics as the language of science.

 2.   fundamental topics in chemistry including matter, density, heat transfer, the gas laws, chemical reactions and conservation laws.  This unit culminates with a final project involving the electrolysis of water & fuel cells.

 3.   fundamental topics in physics including description of motion and the laws that govern it, force, and energy.  This unit culminates in the Water Rocket Project at the end of second semester incorporating all these physics principles.

Methods is taught by two teachers: Ms. Gartner and Ms. Milender.  Both teachers follow the same calendar with some variation that allows each teacher to tailor the timing of content, assignments, and labs to the learners in each section.

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