The School Counseling Office is pleased to welcome families and students to Hanover High School. We look forward to working with you as you move through high school and begin planning for a career, school courses, or college applications. We firmly believe that high school students can be trusted to make important decisions about managing their school lives and can learn to act responsibly and maturely by having the opportunity to make their own decisions. We are also here to support you through times when things seem overwhelming and stressful. Please stop by to say hello. During busy times, you may have to make an appointment. Be sure to tell the receptionist if it is an emergency.


Guidance Receptionist: Alison Rose  ext. 2106
Registrar: Stacey Smith
Director of School Counseling: Andrea Johnstone
School Counselor: Tom Eberhardt
School Counselor: Laurie Harrington
School Counselor: Elizabeth Keene
School Counselor: Joseph Stallsmith
Student Assistance Counselor:
Chris Seibel, M. Ed., LCMHC, MLDAC

What We Do...

What We Do
Counseling services are available to students, parents, and faculty both through structured programs and on an as-needed basis. All students and parents are encouraged to meet with their counselor when the need arises.  School Counseling services include:

  • Academic Advising: assistance in designing meaningful academic programs
  • College/Career Advising: Assistance exploring and developing career plans and planning for college and work
  • Support Services: Assistance dealing with personal and interpersonal concerns
  • Structured Programs: Ninth graders meet with counselors in the fall to learn about guidance services and to discuss concerns or questions about high school.  Sophomores meet with their counselors during the fall and winter to learn about career opportunities, career decision making and junior and senior year school opportunities. Juniors meet in the spring for college and post high school planning.  Seniors meet in the fall to go over college and future plans.  The department organizes an orientation for new students, works with middle schools to facilitate the transition to high school and assists with career and college planning and course registration and selection.
  • As Needed Services: In addition to the above regularly scheduled activities, teachers, parents, and administrators frequently refer individual students with academic or personal difficulties to a counselor.
Counselors regularly review academic progress, and students in academic difficulty are invited to meet with their counselor to discuss problems and potential resolutions. Staffings with teachers, parents, and students are arranged when needed.  A staffing is an opportunity for teachers and parents to share concerns and determine appropriate courses of action.