Minutes 5.10.17/Agenda 5.17.17

Post date: May 16, 2017 5:09:19 PM

Agenda 5.17.17

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Posters Bylaw Motion
    4. Ballots Money Allocation
    5. Leadership Nominations
    6. MI Discussion
    7. Cell Phone Discussion
    8. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 5.10.17

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Mod: Committee chairs need to write letters for next year’s chairs that should go into committee folders. Next week will be new Council and current Council.
      • Treasurer: Council: $5,013.03, Co-Curricular: $4,213.03
      • PR: Tell people to vote on Friday
      • OEC: Elections are on Friday, starting at 7:30 on Friday. There is a signup sheet so if you are not running for next year we need people to sign up. Good job on speeches.
      • Observances: Presented at COI and hoping for discussion at staff meeting with our presentation of our research at the staff meeting regarding how teachers can be more accommodating.
      • COI: Moving to more regular weekly meetings and discussed having language in the Program of Studies outlining how teachers plan to use X-periods so students know at course sign ups. There was a motion to suspend MI for next year that will be discussed next week
    3. Observances Ad Hoc Renewal

“I move to renew the Observances Ad Hoc for one year”

      • The presentation is just happening now and we want to continue work after that
      • Motion Passes
    • Exec Approval

“I move to approve Linda Addante as next year’s Council Executive”

      • Has a recommendation to pass after discussion from the Exec committee
      • Motion Passes
    • Poster Bylaw Notification
    • Money Transfer: Co-Curricular Money Transfer

“I move to transfer the remaining Co-Curricular balance of $4,213.03 to the Council fund”

      • The money disappears next year and it has been practice to transfer the money to the Council fund so that it receives funding
      • Motion Passes
    • Money Allocation: Project Pomodzi

“I move to allocate $325 to Project Pomodzi”

      • The club sends money to Circus Zambia, which is an organization that works with at risk youth in Zambia
      • This money will go towards advertising and the purchase of cards printed with drawing of the kids that we can later sell so the maximum money can go to the organization
      • Council has given money to clubs for supplies for fundraising in the past
      • Motion Passes (Handcount: 2 abstentions, 1 nay)
    • Money Allocation: Weight Room

“I move to reimburse the weight room supervisor up to $325 from the Council Fund.”

      • To late to take money from the Athletic Department budget
      • Council started having the weight room open and we are following through
      • Money will go towards expanding equipment with hopes to expand it and make it open more often
      • In the future it perhaps should be funded through the Athletic Department but it is a good activity and a good thing to fund
      • Motion Passes
    • Money Allocation: Checks for Financial Secretary

“I move to allocate up to $400 towards the Financial Secretary to purchase checks”

      • The checks are very expensive and she orders a large amount at a time
      • Ideally the checks would be funded through set aside interest from accounts for a check fund but it haven’t reached this point yet so the most the cost would be is $400
      • Most of the checks are used for cocurricular activities
      • Motion Passes (Handcount: 1 abstention)
    • Money Allocation: MI Fund

“I move to donate $2,000 to the MI fund”

      • Even with today’s allocations the Council fund is still above the range that we normally try to maintain the council budget in
      • The MI Fund is used to keep cost downs through students by scholarships, subsidizing workshops so they are offered free at the school, and paying costs for intensives that go over budget
      • We wanted to leave a good amount of money remaining in the Council budget for things like days of service that we have discussed and addition SL field trips to other schools and similar donations can be completed in upcoming years
      • If we have an abundance of funding, as Council we should think creatively about funding events to bring the school together socially
      • Motion Passes
    • Community Service Ad Hoc Renewal

“I move to renew the Service Ad Hoc Committee for another year”

      • With the passing of the graduation requirement there is a lot of work for the committee left to do
      • Motion Passes
    • Introduction to Cell Phone Discussion
      • The policy is extremely outdated, including language about pagers
      • Policies are very inconsistent within classrooms
      • There is more evidence about the impact of technology on the development of students
      • There needs to be a discussion about the nature of cell phones
    • Introduction to MI Discussion
      • If we suspend MI for a year we are not going to be able to reestablish the program and we have to make a decisive decision about whether we want to continue the program or not
    • Meeting Adjourns