Agenda 9.12.18 / Minutes of 9.05.18

Post date: Sep 18, 2018 10:58:43 PM

Agenda 9.12.18

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. New Hampshire Institute of Civics Education Presentation
    4. Freshmen Off-Campus Motion
    5. Term Limits Discussion
    6. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 9.05.18

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Reports

    • Treasurer: The council fund is $4273.21 and the Co-curricular fund is $3,428.25
    • DSB: met last Thursday. Update on the renaming of the track. Discussed the community service motion; please read report on the Broadside to learn about the details discussed.
    • PR: Follow the council instagram!
    • Admin: discussed about goals for the year; talked about the process for motion approval
    • Curric: started reviewing and revising the protocols
    • SAC: survey on winter carnival
    • OEC: set goals; setting up elections for new and tuition students; looking at bringing new motions
    • SL: goals for the year; brainstorming for the annual field trip to visit other schools

3. Ford Daley Council Leadership Training

    • Congrats on being on council!
    • You need to be aware of talking loud enough - project your voice - this is a public meeting
    • Leadership is not about popularity
    • Three jobs to be on council
      • Be a council member
      • Be on a committee
        • This year, there will be focus on the committees
        • Effective committee work is important
        • You can be more active than in a big council meeting
      • To represent your class; or at-large
    • Role as a council member; role = part you play
    • Don’t be afraid of problems
    • Leader = Willingness to take responsibility

4. Community Service Ad Hoc Committee

    • goals :
      • Talk and listen to students
      • To talk with the school board to move forward
      • To work with Positive Track - wants to show what community service actually is

“I would like to approve the motion to approve the community Service Ad Hoc Committee for the 2018-2019 school year”

Community was approved

5. Common Grounds Moving Persons Discussion

    • People had been moved by the office without them being notified
      • If you want to move back to your original common ground, please let us know
    • Council existed before common ground
      • Common ground had no connection with council
      • There are too many common grounds; it’s hard to have so many council members to be in each common ground
    • Council members being moved caused issues with peer leaders as well.
    • Do we even need council members to give reports? What about emails?
    • Common ground is important to build communities
      • Staying in the same common ground for 4 years is important; we can’t just move people around for council
    • It’s important to have a council member and a peer leader because each are completely different forms of leaders and both are very important
    • A council representative talking to people is so much more important
      • Communicating by people is much more effective than an email or a post of Facebook
    • Common ground is about community
      • Not necessarily about council

5. Notes and New Business

    • Hanover high school Improv club is requesting funds
      • The club was created too late in the year
      • $650 to cover trip to nationals and to cover the fee to call in an adviser
      • they need this for the basic funds; they will fundraise more of it
      • Currently 4 members in the club but looking in to get more members
      • We should get the members to come in before we make a decision
      • It is too much money for a club with only 4 members
      • This motion for funding is tabled to two weeks from now