Agenda 5/6/15 & Minutes 4/27/15

Post date: May 6, 2015 5:26:56 AM

Agenda 5/6/15

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Special Announcement
    4. Course Concern Handbook Motion
    5. PR to SL Bylaw Revision
    6. Notes and New Business

“Times of great calamity and confusion have been productive for the greatest minds.

The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace.

The brightest thunder-bolt is elicited from the darkest storm.”

— Charles Caleb Colton

Council Minutes 4/27/15

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • (DSB): Dresden Education Committee is in favor of RJ passing, the Broadside has new Council updates, a Council survey has been distributed to all members, and staff appreciation day is May 8.
      • (RJ): Looked at committee members being trained for the RJ process and creating a video for basic info on the system.
      • (COI): Discussed honors student absentee issue and lack of consistent and productive staff meetings.
      • (Sec): Senior and freshmen alternate can vote.
    3. Principal Response Motion Bylaw Revision
      • Motion to set a two week limit on the Principal’s allotted time to respond OR produce a timeline of action in regard to a passed motion. This two week period begins when the Principal receives the “Council Passed Motion Form.” This form contains the wording of the motion and a space for the signature of the motion maker, the moderator, and the Principal, along with a space where the Principal will indicate the outcome and explain his or her motives. The Principal (or a representative thereof) must deliver a progress report on the administration’s decision during the Council Executive Committee meeting taking place NO MORE than two school weeks after the Principal receives the form. At the “one-week progress report,” the Principal (or a representative thereof) may request an extension. On the second Council meeting after a decision has been reached, the Principal’s decision will be presented.
      • for full motion details and supporting material.
      • Motion to append the motion with “If by the second meeting, an extension has not been granted and the Principal has not come to a decision, the motion is considered vetoed.”
        • It’s good to have this process if the motion falls through the cracks.
        • A “pocket pass” instead could work just as well.
        • This addendum is more of a political move and is unnecessary.
      • Amendment passes.
      • This process has worked so far this year.
      • Mr. Campbell is in favor of this motion.
      • Motion passes.
    4. Council Forum Motion
      • Motion to implement a public Council forum taking place during Activity Period on Tuesdays, as instructed by the Moderator. Council Committees will rotate hosting the Forum.
      • for full motion details and supporting material.
      • The entire committee will go so can hold meeting during the forum.
      • Using a whiteboard creates a form of sample/response bias.
      • The more often this forum is used the less potent its effects are.
      • Other methods need to be used to gauge the school’s opinions.
      • This does not have to be held every week.
      • Common Ground should still be the focus.
      • An evaluation should be assessed next year.
      • Motion to amend the motion to read “as instructed by the Executive Committee.”
      • Amendment passes.
      • Motion passes.

Meeting adjourns.