Agenda 5.30.18 / Minutes 5.23.18

Post date: May 31, 2018 1:23:03 AM

Agenda 5.30.18

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Assistant Secretary Motion
    4. Dress Code Motion
    5. Staff Senate Motion
    6. Term Limit Discussion
    7. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 05.23.18

“Start by doing what's necessary;

then do what's possible;

and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

- Francis of Assisi

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Reports

    • Mod: Welcome to the first meeting of New Council!
    • Treasurer: Co-curricular fund is $3,428.25 and the council fund is $4,740.90. Presentation of 2018-2019 Budget Spreadsheet (Co-Curricular) later in the meeting.
    • Secretary: 8th grade alternate can vote. Write your current common ground number and whether you are willing to move on the paper that is being passed around.
    • DSB: They are scaling back testing for the fume leakage because the chemical itself is already something is often found in common households and because the level is so low that no one is at risk both inside and out. Affordable housing wants to build houses on the Dresden Field property. It would not impact the playing field, and they hope that the houses will support the community. Debate at the June meeting about Community Service motion. Wants more people from council to come and speak about the motion, so if you can go, please go!
    • PR: Hope to create social media accounts to reach out to student body
    • CPP: CPP is the Committee on Program and Procedure. Last week, talked about motion that would require all assignments to be posted as an assignment of Schoology. All assignments would be posted on the Schoology Calendar, not on a separate google calendar.

3. Presentation of 2018-2019 Budget Spreadsheet (Co-Curricular)

    • Allocating $14,025 to clubs for the 2018-19 school year.
    • Clubs receiving the most allocations: Broadside, Inde, Model UN, Quiz Bowl, Rock Climbing

4. Committee Sign-Ups

    • Write down your name and your top three selections on to the small sheet of paper.
    • Everyone will have a very valuable experience, whether you get your first or third choice; be open minded because all of them are important and have important roles within council

5.Bylaw Notification- Assistant Secretary Position

    • Bylaw Notification come a week prior to Bylaw revisions so that Council can have a week to review bylaw changes before they are presented officially as motions
    • Moving to add another position called the assistant secretary
      • 10 responsibilities
      • Moving some of the responsibilities of secretary and giving it to assistant secretary
      • Update responsibilities of secretary so that they reflect current practice
        • Specifically about motion follow up and administration approval
      • A record keeping position
        • Work with the PR to make sure agenda is out early and the minutes are on the bulletin board
        • Work with moderator and assistant moderator to insure that motions are followed up
        • Online record keeping; attendance, roll-call
      • Intent: reallocate the responsibilities of secretary because in the past three years, the responsibilities for Secretary has been too much to handle
    • Will be officially talking about it next week; debate will be taking place next week
    • New nominations and elections will take place
      • Elections will take place next year in the fall, or before the end of school year, if passed
      • From next year on, the elections will happen with the other Council positions

6. Notes and New Business

    • Motion to get freshman off-campus privileges
    • Sophomore and senior elections will hopefully be happening in the next few weeks
    • Online Homework Calendar
      • The overdue assignments pile up on the right hand side of the Schoology page making it harder to find the current assignments
      • Teachers change assignments, but sometimes the students do not get any notification that the teacher changed the assignment
      • Hard for teachers who already have a Google Docs calendar system to put it all into the Schoology calendar
      • Some teachers don’t know how to use Schoology
        • Possibly sending out a newsletter that teaches the ways to use Schoology
        • There are training sessions that teachers can attend
      • All teachers use Schoology differently
        • Need a standardization of the use of the calendar
      • There is an assumption that teachers are already using Schoology, but this is not true
        • The requirement to post major assignments of Schoology is not happening
        • Teachers forget to post on Schoology; if someone is sick, they can’t know what the homework is
      • Not asking teachers to get rid of a system; they can still use a Google Doc Calendar, but they just need to add it to the Schoology Calendar as well
      • Should let teachers chose the best system
      • A system for sick students to know what the homework is, even if they miss school
      • Should teachers post homework as an event or an assignment
        • Events go away as the day passes; if homework is written on the Friday, the event would disappear so a student may not realize that there was homework
      • Relying too much on the teacher
        • Want future graduates to create their own homework system that works for themselves
        • Need to talk to teachers and ask if they can try a new practice
      • Teachers should post the homework somewhere online
        • Some teachers don’t even post it online; only say it in class
      • Old fashioned way of teachers telling the students what the homework is in class is nice
        • If a student is sick, the student should not be doing homework
        • If a students has an excused absence, they should be talking with the teacher before hand.
      • Some teachers want less technology in their classrooms
        • Shouldn’t make teachers use Schoology; can’t force it
      • Teachers don’t have time to figure out the technology on their own
        • Make more technology courses available to teachers
        • Hard for teachers to figure it out based on a long email

7. Meeting Adjourns