Brian Glenney

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Latin Teacher
English Teacher
FL Dept. Coordinator


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Brian Glenney was educated in Connecticut, studying Latin, Greek, and English and then earning his teaching certificate and master's degree before moving to Chicago to teach on the west side of the city.  After a couple years he moved back to New England, where he taught Latin and Greek in West Hartford, CT, before finally settling in the Upper Valley.

At Hanover High for several years now, he has been teaching in both Foreign Language and English and greatly enjoys
working with colleagues across two different departmentsCurrently, he is also the Coordinator for the Foreign Language Department.

Professionally, Mr. Glenney delights in the challenge of working with diverse groups of students — a dynamic he encounters in all his classes.  Some children excel at their studies, others struggle with the material, and still others find themselves somewhere in the middle.  Whatever a student’s natural ability, school experience, academic skills, or individual background may be, Mr. Glenney will work closely with that student to make the course content as rich and as accessible as possible.

Fueled by
strong intellectual passions, he has created four different March Intensive workshops over the past three years, and he leads groups of Latin students to archaeological sites in the Mediterranean every other April.


1. Planning (FLRC)
2. Fantasy Lit (Rm 207)
3. Planning (FLRC)

Activity Period - T+F
Chess Club (Rm 207)

4. Latin 3/4 (Rm 207)
5. Planning (FLRC)
6. Latin 4H5H (Rm 207)
7. Planning (FLRC)


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