First Steps

Day 1 Agenda

  • Expectations regarding equipment, food, computers, etc.
  • Distribute laptops to those in need.
  • Install Python, pygame to any personal laptops.
  • Everyone creates/tests a "Hello, world!" application.
  • Explore the interactive shell - build the Day 1 reference sheet.
  • First programs?
  • End of Day Reflection


Challenges for the day:

Write a Python program that will print out a list of the first 50 perfect squares (easier than it sounds!)

Write a Python program that will accept a number from the user and print the factorial of the number (i.e. if 5 is entered, print 5*4*3*2*1).

Write a Python program that will ask the user for their name then ask the user (by name) to think of a number between 0 and 100. The program will guess numbers and ask the user (by name) if their number is more than (or less than) some number, accepting "yes" and "no" as replies. When the program figures out what number the user has in mind, it finishes by announcing the number.