Hanover High School Biology

General Methods and Evolution and Genetics

Green Damsel Fly - How does this organism demonstrate adaptation?

Interested in Summer Science Opportunities?


My name is Thomas Hermanson (Mr. H) and I currently teach General Methods and the Evolution and Genetics courses this year at Hanover High School.  I am also the department coordinator.

SCIENCE is an active study.  This year, you will have many opportunities to observe, investigate, research, and challenge yourself.    

SCIENCE is also an interest-oriented study.  You will be able to pursue investigations into topics in which you may have, or in which you may develop an interest.

I believe that SCIENCE is NOT a memorization of facts or something that some people are good at and others are not.  

You will need an open, engaged mind and a willingness to be challenged to go farther and learn more than you ever have in science class.  

I look forward to an exciting year!

Mr. H