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     We strive to create an environment where the learning process          empowers students to learn about art in a manner which will            develop skills, self-esteem, aesthetic awareness, and creative             thinking. 

Each month, BIRTHDAY ARTISTS are included in each art class. It's a great way to bring artists and their work to the students.  Everyone can relate to a birthday and this makes it seem more real to the students.  Above are the artists mentioned during the month of September.   
Mini Biography of Jim Henson   This link will provide you with a brief video of the life and work of Jim Henson - creator of the Muppets.
               Be sure to ask your kids about the artists listed.  And be sure to stay tuned each month to see what new artists are featured!

                  Another routine we have in the art room is to 
                                            SIT LIKE MONA!
Students are introduced to Mona Lisa and learn about just how long she had to sit for Leonardo da Vinci.  When important directions are coming, students are asked to   SIT LIKE MONA -- eyes forward, hands in lap and mouths closed - with hopefully a little smile!