Welcome to 2nd Grade

Hello 2nd grade friends!  We have a lot to learn this year and I am quite excited to start working with you.  Let me first start by telling you about myself.  I am married to my husband Rob and we have 2 boys.  Cameron is 16 and Caleb is 11.  They are both on the go which keeps me pretty busy throughout the year.  I grew up on a farm and now live in the city of Payson, Illinois.  I loved living on the farm because of the peacefulness that is there.  Can you believe we had calves, horses, hogs, chickens, dogs, and plenty of farm cats running around when I was little?  My favorite memory was bottle feeding my calf, Hopeless until he had to go to market.  Boy that was a sad day.  Even Hopeless cried that day.    

I hope you find my website useful to help you with your weekly studies.  I am going to continue adding websites to this page so if you find a great link, please let me know about it.  It must be a safe site for all of our friends to use.  

There are 4 ways to stay in contact with our class:
1)  Sign up for Parents/Guardians of Oakwood Class of 2029 on the FB page.  This is for all 2nd grade students
2)  I have signed up for the Remind App.  Text 81010 from your text message and text this message:  @b883d9  You will receive a text message.  
3)   You can always send a note in your child's folder or send me an email at:  sstock@hannibal60.com
4)  Visit my site here.                              

          My Family
This is my 16 year old son Cameron during the South Park Grand Prix of Karting Races.  He finished 18 out of 40 racers.  This was his 3rd race.  He does a great job but this sport makes a mommas heart beat a little faster while he's racing.

This is Caleb.  He is 11 years old and loves to play baseball.  This past summer he played against his cousin from Central.  

This is Rob and I at my class reunion.