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Important information regarding your school district accounts


On August 15th, your Windows login password will be expired and you will be required to select a new password.

When  you successfully change your Windows password, your Windows username and password will also be accepted in SISK12! (No more p1221harrison. Justpharrisonfor SISK12.)

Finally, your Windows password will also become your Google password!

It is our hope that the universal use of your password in all three environments; Windows, SISK12, and Google, will reduce the number of Help Desk requests for assistance with passwords. We have received 6,980 emails related to locked accounts or forgotten passwords since we started using GMail.


Previous Credentials

Current Credentials

Windows username: pharrison

Password: Ilovemydog!

Windows username: pharrison

Password: Ilovemydog!

SISK12 username: p1221harrison


SISK12 username: pharrison

Password: Ilovemydog!

Google username:  pharrison@hannibal60.com

Password: Heredoggie!

Google username:  pharrison@hannibal60.com

Password: Ilovemydog!

We go from three different usernames to two and we go from three different passwords to ONE.

Password requirements are as follows:


1.  Password must be a minimum of eight characters

2.  Passwords must contain characters from three of the following four categories:


1.  Uppercase characters

2.  Lowercase characters

3.  A number (0 through 9)

4.  Non-alphanumeric characters: ~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/

5.  Cannot include any part of your first or last name


3.  It will not be permitted to use the last six (past) passwords

4.  Five failed login attempts will lock your account




As always, direct your questions to the Help Desk at 231-0055 or helpdesk@hannibal60.com.

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