Safety & SafeSchool Courses


August 28, 2017
A Note From Nurse Tammy:  
This year we will all be viewing Bloodborne Pathogens through our Safe Schools website.  You should have all received an e-mail with the instructions on how to access the site.  Thank you in advance for the time involved in taking these classes that are required.  As an additive to BBP I need to inform staff of a few more items not covered on the safe school site. 

1. If you have any further questions regarding BBP please call me at 723-2707
2. A copy of the Hannahville School, Exposure Control Plan is kept in my office if anyone would like to see it please just ask me.
3. Hepatitis B vaccination is available free of charge to all employees except substitutes and volunteers.  I will be in contact with any new employees, as we need a form of acceptance or declination for your files.  If in the past you declined the series of Hepatitis shots you can at any time decide to accept the vaccination.  See Nurse Tammy for information and paper work.
4. If you are ever involved in an exposure incident at school please see me for necessary exposure incident forms and if needed medical follow-up.

Thank you!
Nurse Tammy