Behavior Supports & PBIS

Behavior Violation Process

Step 1: Inform student of his/her behavior violation (reference rubric).

Step 2: Contact Seth or Jen and inform them of the violating student and behavior. As soon as possible fill out “Unacceptable Behavior Incident Form” and turn in to Seth.  Here are the phone numbers to call if you need to get a hold of me for discipline issues.

Seth Miller:  ext: 2718         
cell: 906-399-5703 (call/text only when Seth and Jen's extensions are busy or unavailable)

Eugene Thunder:  ext: 2701

Step 3: Seth will come escort student to ISS room to complete appropriate consequences.

Step 4: Upon completion of consequences, Seth will escort students back to class and/or suspended students will be allowed to return to their regular class schedule. 

Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy:

*Students will be allowed to bring cell phones/electronics to school. However, they are not allowed to use them from the moment they arrive at school until after the final bell of the day at 3:15 pm. Anyone caught using a cell phone/electronic device during the day will have it confiscated for the remainder of the day and will also have the consequences as they are written on the Unacceptable Behaviors Rubric.

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