Rotor Project

UPDATED 11/08/2009
Bought a HAM IV rotor and control box with Idiom Press Rotor-EZ & RS-232 computer control
already installed off of Ebay.  The rotor was said to have just been gone through and had new
grease and fresh paint.  It does look good and runs good on bench.  All controls, buttons, lights
and RS-232 computer control work good. Have tested it with Ham Radio Deluxe rotor program.
The control box is actually an older model (I was aware of it before purchase), but works well with the rotor.

UPDATE 11/2009 I have stored these again, since I got a HAM 4 (see above)
I currently have a CD-44 Rotor with broken (now missing) main gear.
I also have either a HAM-M or HAM-II rotor that I never taken apart and not sure it's status.
I also have a CDE HAM-II / CD-44 control box I believe is good.
Below are some photos

CD-44 Rotor

Taken apart, main gear was broken and now is missing.

HAM-M  or  HAM-II  Rotor

I am not sure if this is a HAM-M or HAM-II rotor.  I believe they are the same unit.

I have not had it apart and not even sure where I got it.




Both rotors


Controller Box - HAM II / CD 44