SB-220 Mods - KE5YA

I am the proud owner of this Heathkit SB-220 Amplifier
It was built around 1971 by a good friend of mine. I am only the second owner of this work horse.
It has already had the newer fan installed, but that's about all.  I am going to (are already have) repaint case as well as install new front panel.
I am also installing the newer rectifier / metering board from Harbach Electronics, plus the Parasitic Suppressor Kit from R. Measures.
Update: I got delayed several months on this project, but now I'm back on it. I also ordered and built the newer filter capacitor block from Harbach.
I removed and oiled the blower (fan). It does say Harbach on it also. It looks and runs fine.
I have also ordered a new plate tuning capacitor from RF Parts to replace the old one, that shows signs of arching.
I will update this page as progress is made on this project.
73 - KE5YA (Bill)
Updated 10/19/2009

New front panel and repainted case on top of SB-220 before any mods

SB-220 with cover off before any mods are cleanup

Close-up of old Parasitic Suppressor before any mods or clean-up

Bottom side of SB-220 - Before

Close-up of old meter board which will be replaced by RM-220 Replacement Rectifier/Metering Board

Front and right side panel removed

Another view of board that will be replaced


Still removing stuff

Variable Tuning Capacitor with what appears to have possible arching damage on the tips