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New Fiction:

F Avi - Sophia's war : a tale of the Revolution
Author: Avi

F Avi - Wolf rider
Author: Avi

F Bac - Ring of fire
Author: Baccalario, Pierdomenico

F Bar - The education of Bet [Book]
Author: Baratz-Logsted, Lauren.

F Bas - The summer before boys
Author: Baskin, Nora Raleigh

F Bau - Almost home
Author: Bauer, Joan

F Bla - The Good Neighbors
Author: Black, Holly

F Blu - Tennyson
Author: Blume, Lesley M. M.

F Bou - Real mermaids don't wear toe rings
Author: Boudreau, Hélène

F Bra - Ninja : first mission
Author: Bradford, Chris

F Bre - The secret prophecy
Author: Brennan, Herbie.

F Bro - A winter's gift
Author: Brooke, Lauren.

F Bur - Laugh with the moon
Author: Burg, Shana.

F Car - Catwalk
Author: Carlson, Melody.

F Car - Rendezvous
Author: Carlson, Melody.

F Cha - The Savage fortress
Author: Chadda, Sarwat.

F Cha - The captive prince
Author: Chantler, Scott.

F Cle - Texas gothic
Author: Clement-Moore, Rosemary.

F Col - Z. Rex
Author: Cole, Stephen, 1971-

F Col - Artemis Fowl : the last guardian
Author: Colfer, Eoin.

F Coo - The Boggart
Author: Cooper, Susan, 1935-

F Coo - The dark is rising
Author: Cooper, Susan, 1935-

F Coo - The grey king
Author: Cooper, Susan

F Coo - Over sea, under stone
Author: Cooper, Susan

F Coo - Silver on the tree
Author: Cooper, Susan

F Cre - Give up the ghost
Author: Crewe, Megan.

F Cum - Blindsided
Author: Cummings, Priscilla,

F Cum - The journey back
Author: Cummings, Priscilla

F Cur - The mighty Miss Malone
Author: Curtis, Christopher Paul.

F Del - Grimalkin the witch assassin
Author: Delaney, Joseph,

F Del - Lure of the dead
Author: Delaney, Joseph,

F Deu - Hereville : how Mirka got her sword
Author: Deutsch, Barry.

F Dev - Take two
Author: DeVillers, Julia.

F Dev - Times squared
Author: DeVillers, Julia.

F Dev - Trading faces
Author: DeVillers, Julia.

F Dix - Entwined
Author: Dixon, Heather,

F Dla - The fire ascending
Author: D'Lacey, Chris.

F Dom - Sail
Author: Doman, Mary Kate.

F Dow - The second life of Abigail Walker
Author: Dowell, Frances O'Roark.

F Dum - Soldier bear
Author: Dumon Tak, Bibi.

F Efa - Battle dress
Author: Efaw, Amy.

F Fag - Circus Galacticus
Author: Fagan, Deva.

F Fei - The Count of Monte Cristo
Author: Feinstein, Stephen.

F Ffo - The last dragonslayer
Author: Fforde, Jasper.

F Fis - Darkwater
Author: Fisher, Catherine,

F Fla - The hunters
Author: Flanagan, John

F Fla - The invaders
Author: Flanagan, John

F Fla - The lost stories
Author: Flanagan, John

F Fla - The outcasts
Author: Flanagan, John

F Fla - The crimson shard
Author: Flavin, Teresa

F For - The poisoned house
Author: Ford, Michael,

F Fre - Home for the holidays
Author: Frederick, Heather Vogel.

F Fre - Once upon a toad
Author: Frederick, Heather Vogel.

F Fre - Wish you were Eyre
Author: Frederick, Heather Vogel.

F Gal - The bully book
Author: Gale, Eric Kahn,

F Gan - Stir it up! : a novel
Author: Ganeshram, Ramin.

F Geo - Sun and moon, ice and snow
Author: George, Jessica Day,

F Gid - A tale dark & Grimm
Author: Gidwitz, Adam.

F Gri - Claws
Author: Grinti, Mike.

F Han - The summer I turned pretty
Author: Han, Jenny.

F Han - Ida B-- : and her plans to maximize fun, avoid disaster, and (possibly) save the world
Author: Hannigan, Katherine.

F Har - Dylan : a Clique novel
Author: Harrison, Lisi.

F Har - These boots are made for stalking : a Clique novel
Author: Harrison, Lisi.

F Har - Bell's Star
Author: Hart, Alison,'

F Har - Anna's blizzard
Author: Hart, Alison.

F Har - Fires of jubilee
Author: Hart, Alison.

F Hea - North of beautiful
Author: Headley, Justina Chen,

F Her - Buddy
Author: Herlong, M. H.

F Hor - One year in Coal Harbor
Author: Horvath, Polly.

F Hun - One for the Murphys
Author: Hunt, Lynda Mullaly.

F Ibb - The dragonfly pool
Author: Ibbotson, Eva.

F Jon - Storm tide
Author: Jones, Kari

F Kib - Amulet. Prince of the elves
Author: Kibuishi, Kazu,

F Kib - Amulet. The cloud searchers
Author: Kibuishi, Kazu,

F Kib - Amulet. The last council
Author: Kibuishi, Kazu,

F Kib - Amulet. The stonekeeper
Author: Kibuishi, Kazu,

F Kib - Amulet. The stonekeeper's curse
Author: Kibuishi, Kazu,

F Kin - Diary of a wimpy kid : the third wheel
Author: Kinney, Jeff.

F Kir - Icefall
Author: Kirby, Matthew J.,

F Kli - Homesick
Author: Klise, Kate.

F Klu - My most excellent year : a novel of love, Mary Poppins, & Fenway Park
Author: Kluger, Steve.

F Kor - The abduction
Author: Korman, Gordon.

F Kor - The danger
Author: Korman, Gordon.

F Kor - The deep
Author: Korman, Gordon.

F Kor - The discovery
Author: Korman, Gordon.

F Kor - Escape
Author: Korman, Gordon.

F Kor - Shipwreck
Author: Korman, Gordon.

F Kor - Survival
Author: Korman, Gordon.

F Kor - This can't be happening at Macdonald Hall
Author: Korman, Gordon.

F Kri - The grand plan to fix everything
Author: Krishnaswami, Uma,

F Kru - Freakling
Author: Krumwiede, Lana.

F Las - Star wolf
Author: Lasky, Kathryn.

F Ler - The colossus rises
Author: Lerangis, Peter.

F Low - Son [Book]
Author: Lowry, Lois.

F Lup - True legend
Author: Lupica, Mike.

F Mar - Little White Duck : a childhood in China
Author: Liu, Na,

F Mar - Ten rules for living with my sister
Author: Martin, Ann M.,

F Mas - Beauty and the Beast : the only one who didn't run away
Author: Mass, Wendy,

F Mas - The candymakers
Author: Mass, Wendy,

F Mas - Every soul a star : a novel
Author: Mass, Wendy

F Mas - Rapunzel, the one with all the hair
Author: Mass, Wendy

F Mas - Sleeping Beauty : the one who took the really long nap
Author: Mass, Wendy

F Mas - A mango-shaped space: a novel
Author: Mass, Wendy

F Myr - Luv ya bunches
Author: Myracle, Lauren

F Myr - Violet in bloom : a flower power book
Author: Myracle, Lauren

F Nix - The haunting
Author: Nixon, Joan Lowery

F Nix - The séance
Author: Nixon, Joan Lowery

F Nix - Whispers from the dead
Author: Nixon, Joan Lowery

F Oli - Sound bender
Author: Oliver, Lin

F Pal - Wonder
Author: Palacio

F Pal - Girl vs. superstar
Author: Palmer, Robin

F Pal - Sealed with a kiss
Author: Palmer, Robin

F Pal - Take my advice!
Author: Palmer, Robin

F Pal - Vote for me!
Author: Palmer, Robin

F Par - From Willa, with love : from the life of Willa Havisham
Author: Paratore, Coleen

F Par - Wish I might : from the life of Willa Havisham
Author: Paratore, Coleen

F Pat - The day of the pelican
Author: Paterson, Katherine

F Pat - I funny: a middle school story
Author: Patterson, James

F Pea - Becoming Holmes: : his final case
Author: Peacock, Shane

F Pet - Out at second
Author: Peters, Stephanie

F Pot - Pish Posh
Author: Potter, Ellen

F Ral - How to take the ex out of ex-boyfriend
Author: Rallison, Janette

F Ral - My unfair godmother
Author: Rallison, Janette

F Ree - Stealing air
Author: Reedy, Trent

F Ree - A web of air
Author: Reeve, Philip

F Ril - Operation Trinity
Author: Riley, Clifford

F San - Tinfoil sky
Author: Sand-Eveland, Cyndi

F Sel - Coffeehouse angel
Author: Selfors, Suzanne

F Sep - Between shades of gray
Author: Sepetys, Ruta

F She - Walls within walls
Author: Sherry, Maureen

F Shu - Darkness creeping : twenty twisted tales
Author: Shusterman, Neal

F Smi - Bone. Eyes of the storm
Author: Smith, Jeff

F Smi - Bone. Tall tales
Author: Smith, Jeff

F Smi - Bone. The dragonslayer
Author: Smith, Jeff

F Smi - Bone. The great cow race
Author: Smith, Jeff

F Smi - The other side of dark
Author: Smith, Sarah

F Sni - "Who could that be at this hour?"
Author: Snicket, Lemony

F Ste - Liar & spy
Author: Stead, Rebecca.

F Ste - Magic below stairs
Author: Stevermer, Caroline

F Sto - The boy on Cinnamon Street
Author: Stone, Phoebe

F Syl - Neil Flambé and the Crusaders curse
Author: Sylvester, Kevin

F Syl - Neil Flambé and the Tokyo treasure
Author: Sylvester, Kevin

F Ten - Cardboard
Author: TenNapel, Doug

F Tim - One came home
Author: Timberlake, Amy

F Tol - The lord of the rings
Author: Tolkien, J. R. R.

F Tra - Bessica Lefter bites back
Author: Tracy, Kristen

F Tra - The reinvention of Bessica Lefter
Author: Tracy, Kristen

F Tur - Three times lucky
Author: Turnage, Sheila

F Val - The girl who circumnavigated Fairyland in a ship of her own making
Author: Valente, Catherynne M.

F Voi - Bad girls in love
Author: Voigt, Cynthia

F War - 101 ways to bug your friends and enemies
Author: Wardlaw, Lee

F Wil - The secret of Rover
Author: Wildavsky, Rachel

F Win - The mystery of the missing everything
Author: Winters, Ben H.

F Yan - Level up
Author: Yang, Gene Luen

F Ylv - The luck of the Buttons
Author: Ylvisaker, Anne

F Yol - Foiled
Author: Yolen, Jane

New Nonfiction:

305.896 Osb - Miles to go for freedom : segregation & civil rights in the Jim Crow years
Author: Osborne, Linda Barrett

327.1273 Goo - The CIA and other American spies
Author: Goodman, Michael E.

363.11 Sco - Buried alive! : how 33 miners survived 69 days deep under the Chilean desert
Author: Scott, Elaine

523.4 Mil - Seven wonders of the gas giants and their moons
Author: Miller, Ron

523.7 Han - Seven wonders of the sun and other stars
Author: Hansen, Rosanna.

546.8 Gre - The elements
Author: Green, Dan

560.97309 Joh - Battle of the dinosaur bones : Othniel Charles Marsh vs. Edward Drinker Cope
Author: Johnson, Rebecca L.

597.8 Mar - The case of the vanishing golden frogs : a scientific mystery
Author: Markle, Sandra

599.665 Fry - Wild horse scientists
Author: Frydenborg, Kay

629.45 Sto - Almost astronauts : 13 women who dared to dream
Author: Stone, Tanya Lee

741.5 Lee - Creating the cover for your graphic novel
Author: Lee, Frank

743.4 Art - The art of drawing people : discover simple techniques for drawing a variety of figures and portraits

811.54 Eng - Hurricane dancers : the first Caribbean pirate shipwreck
Author: Engle, Margarita

821.8 Car - Jabberwocky
Author: Carroll, Lewis

822.3 Hut - Othello
Author: Hutchinson, Emily

912.5 Cam - Atlas of Asia
Author: Campbell, Rusty

912.6 Cam - Atlas of Africa
Author: Campbell, Rusty

912.9 Com - Atlas of Australia and the Pacific
Author: Comire, S. Joshua

919.8 Hoe - Shackleton and the lost Antarctic expedition
Author: Hoena, B. A.

920 Sto - From hardships to championships : learning life's lessons
Author: Stout, Glenn

940.53 Kac - To hope and back : the journey of the St. Louis
Author: Kacer, Kathy

948 Las - Lords of the sea : the Vikings explore the North Atlantic
Author: Lassieur, Allison

970.004 Van - Trail of Tears
Author: Vander Hook, Sue

973.3 Ken - The American Revolution : from Bunker Hill to Yorktown
Author: Kent, Deborah

973.7 Fre - Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass : the story behind an American friendship
Author: Freedman, Russell

973.7 Gou - The Civil War begins
Author: Gould, Jane H.

973.7 How - Civil War
Author: Howse, Jennifer

973.7 Nar - Bull Run to Gettysburg : early battles of the Civil War
Author: Nardo, Don

973.7 Sto - Final campaigns of the Civil War
Author: Stowell, Cinci

973.931 Bro - America is under attack : September 11, 2001 : the day the towers fell
Author: Brown, Don

974.4 Las - The voyage of the Mayflower
Author: Lassieur, Allison

975.5 Bra - The story of Jamestown
Author: Braun, Eric

New Biographies:

92 Bri - Through my eyes
Author: Bridges, Ruby.

92 Bro - The Bronte sisters : the brief lives of Charlotte, Emily and Anne
Author: Reef, Catherine

92 Gue - Che Guevara : you win or you die
Author: Kallen, Stuart A.

92 Jop - The life and times of Scott Joplin
Author: Bankston, John

92 Kea - Alive in the killing fields : surviving the Khmer Rouge genocide
Author: Keat, Nawuth

92 Muf - Outcasts united : the story of a refugee soccer team that changed a town
Author: St. John, Warren

92 Par - Rosa Parks : the life of a civil rights heroine
Author: Shone, Rob

92 Say - Drawing from memory
Author: Say, Allen

92 Sis - The wall : growing up behind the Iron Curtain
Author: Sis, Peter

92 Tru - Sojourner Truth
Author: Waxman, Laura Hamilton.