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Summer "Selfie" Reading Program! 
To participate in this program, you first need to read a book. Take a "selfie" picture with your book. Write a brief review why someone would want to read it or write a book hook to encourage others to read it. Send your "selfie" and review to Mrs. Terrell,

Booked by Kwame Alexander
Nick loves soccer and hates reading. His father makes him read a dictionary as a hobby. Through a series of drama, "he realizes words are his best weapon in getting the girl, beating the bullies and rebuilding the bonds between him and his father." Learn more about the author:

Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt
I'm 14 years old and spent time in a juvenile facility. 
I've been placed with a foster family on a farm with twelve year old, Jack. I feel damaged and withdrawn, desperate to find my baby at any cost. 
Will my new family help me or send me back?