• Summer Work If you lose your summer packet select from below. If you are going into Latin 2 use "Latin 1 Summer Packet", if you are going into Latin 3 use "Latin 2 Summer Packet", if you are entering Latin 4 use "Aeneid Packet."
    Posted Jun 4, 2014, 7:52 AM by Carl-John Kamp
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Latin in the News

  • 8000 Roman Artifacts Found in London Follow this link to go to a slideshow of some of the artifacts found in a recent archaeological dig in the city of London, England.
    Posted Apr 16, 2013, 8:15 AM by Carl-John Kamp
  • Found! Spreadsheet of Some Poor Egyptian Read this article to learn about a recently uncovered port in ancient Egypt. In addition to finding pottery and anchors, archaeologists also found papyrus texts including records of shipping manifests ...
    Posted Apr 16, 2013, 8:12 AM by Carl-John Kamp
  • Numen tibi adsit. Linguists studying the Indo-European language family think that the original language in the family must have been a Subject-Object-Verb arrangement. This is based on the observation that ...
    Posted Oct 14, 2011, 4:59 AM by Carl-John Kamp
  • 13,000 Year Old Refridgerator Painting In France archeologists are discovering cave paintings dating back 13,000 years...and created by kids. Using comparisons of finger length and size at different ages, archeologists are able to ...
    Posted Oct 7, 2011, 4:58 AM by Carl-John Kamp
  • Pagans and Christianity During the Time of the Romans This article describes the earliest known Christian text, which dates from the late 2nd century CE. It compares it and contemporary or earlier non-Christian texts, looking at how pagan ...
    Posted Oct 4, 2011, 5:37 AM by Carl-John Kamp
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Recent Announcements

  • *Change to William and Mary Parking* There has been a change to the parking policy at William and Mary. When an event is being held they will not enforce parking passes starting about half an hour ...
    Posted Sep 16, 2011, 6:33 AM by Carl-John Kamp
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Extra Credit

  • 2nd William and Mary Lecture 9/26: Professor Karen Britt (University of Louisville) will speak on "Copy it and they will come: the role of architectural copies in cultivating Christian Pilgrimage."4:30pm in Andrews ...
    Posted Sep 16, 2011, 6:32 AM by Carl-John Kamp
  • 1st W&M Lecture 9/15 Do you like space? Do you like archeology? Do you like Egypt? Would you like a way to combine all three?Prof. Sarah Parack will be speaking on September 15th ...
    Posted Aug 31, 2011, 7:15 AM by Carl-John Kamp
  • William and Mary/AIA Lecture Series College of William and Mary Classical Studies Department Guest Lectures and Directions: These are lectures sponsored by William and Mary that deal with topics ...
    Posted Aug 31, 2011, 7:12 AM by Carl-John Kamp
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Homework Assignments

  • Homework! I will update your homework assignments every other day for each class. Either click the links below or use the side bar to find your class.Latin 1 AssignmentsLatin ...
    Posted Sep 6, 2010, 12:15 PM by Carl-John Kamp
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