Welcome to the Digital Learning Program!

The changing landscape of the world’s information to digital form will require today’s student to have a different set of skills than what was required just a decade ago. Future graduates must be equipped with not just the three R’s, but also with 21st century skills of problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and technological literacy. They will need to be able to quickly find, synthesize and communicate information and collaborate with colleagues--not just at their own location, but within a global community of colleagues and customers.

Hampton City Schools has implemented the Digital Learning Program to create a dynamic and personalized educational experience for students using an electronic device (currently Chromebooks for grades 5-12).  The goals of the Digital Learning program include:
  • Improving student achievement
  • Increasing student engagement
  • Enabling personalized learning
  • Engaging parents and the community in education

Sometimes school divisions call programs like this "1-to-1" because back in the 90's schools would calculate their ratio of students to computers.  If 10 students had to share one computer, the ratio was 1-to-10.  Educators have known since then that a time would come when every student could be provided their own computer.  That time is now! The ratio is 1-to-1!  

The opportunity to use a personal learning device gives students access to anywhere, anytime learning – in classrooms, in schoolyards, at a cyber cafe and at home.

The Digital Bridge

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