On Line Learning/Blizzard Bag Day 3

Hello, today has been declared on Online Learning-Blizzard Bag Day by the school district. Students are expected to complete four hours of school work today (Kindergarten- 2 hours) and submit their assignments online or bring their assignments back to school when classes resume. Click the appropriate grade level or class to view the day's activities. Your teachers' contact information is located on their On Line Learning Blizzard Bag Day page. Please email them if you have any questions, or just let them know how you're doing!!

   HCS  5th Grade        6th Grade  7th Grade  8th Grade  HMS UA  HMS UA
   Kindergarten Bartick Benson Buswell-Wible  Babcock   Phys. Ed.  FCS
   1st Grade Courter Dunn Couture  Dine  Downey  Pimentel
   2nd Grade CummingsGibbonsNadig  Griffin  Fisher  Remillard
   3rd Grade HowardStanton Hoar  Randall  Muskrat  Robins
   4th Grade Social Studies
 Wolff  Nesto  
Wallace   Wallace