iPad Student/Parent Contract

1. I will not say anything unkind about or to anyone for any reason; nor will I copy or forward on any such message written by anyone else.

2. I will not engage in online conversations with people I have not met in real life nor will I befriend people I have not met in real life unless I have permission from my parents.

3. I will not give away personal information, such as my birthday, address, school, or phone number without my parents’ consent.

4. I will stick to the time limits set by my parents, and I will not argue when asked to turn off the technology.

5. I will always get my parents’ or teachers’ permission before signing up for anything on the internet.

6. I will not give out any of my passwords to anyone except my parents, not even my close friends. I will share all of my passwords with my parents.

7. I will stop communicating immediately and tell my parents if a conversation gets rude, uncomfortable, or threatening in any way.

8. I will never use inappropriate language online.

9. When interacting with others online, I am aware that:

  • people are not always who they say they are,

  • people do not always tell the truth,

  • there is no such thing as privacy online.

10. I will turn off my iPad no later than 9:00pm and charge it outside my bedroom.

11. When using Facetime and iMessage with classmates, I will consider the schedule of the person I am calling or messaging.

12. I will not post any pictures of myself online without my parents’ permission.

13. I understand that if my parents are concerned, they may need to check my iPad, look at my emails, or speak with my friends’ parents to ensure my safety.

14. I understand that if I break this contract, my access to the internet may be limited.

Signed: _________________________

Date: ___________________________