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Commit Yourself to the Team!



Welcome to TMS Cross Country! Your coaches are Mrs. Schmeling, and Ms. Strauss.  Cross Country is a great way to begin the school year, make new friends, and get in great shape during Wisconsin’s glorious fall season. 

Cross country is a team sport open to all middle school students. Cross country inspires teamwork, discipline, health, and sportsmanship. All students will have a chance to excel and to receive recognition for their hard work. The physical and mental challenges that runners overcome are not unlike the challenges faced in the classroom. We ask our students to make academics their top priority and will be supportive of that commitment. Additionally, we demand a level of commitment to the cross country team and below have outlined some guidelines for success.


Cross Country at TMS is a no-cut sport, which means that no one will be dropped from the roster due to ability level.  Congratulation, you’ve made the team!  However, this is a competitive sport, and athletes are expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment – a willingness to run and participate. 


Cross Country Rules


1.     Athletes are expected to attend and actively participate in practice.  However, if an athlete cannot participate in practice for any reason a note or email from a parent is sufficient to excuse an athlete from practice.  Everyone who attends practice must run; if an athlete is injured he/she should not attend practice until he/she can run.  Unexcused absences will result in the athlete not being allowed to attend or run in the next competition.


2.    Athletes are expected to wear appropriate running gear for practice and meets.  The team shirt must be worn to each meet; if you forget your team shirt you will not be allowed to participate in the meet.


3.    Practices run from 2:50-4:15 pm Monday thru Friday unless otherwise posted on the schedule. Schedules for the entire season are provided the first day of practice. Parents are responsible for picking up their children at the end of practice; please arrive at TMS by 4:25 PM. For your child’s safety, coaches are not allowed to leave until all students have been picked up. We greatly appreciate your promptness.


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, an activity bus is available for students to ride home. Athletes taking the activity bus home must stop in the office before lunch to purchase an activity bus ticket for $1. If you are consistently (three times during the season) picked up after 4:35 pm you will not participate in the next meet and may be dismissed from the team if it becomes a regular occurrence.   Make carpool arrangements before practice if your parent can’t pick you up by 4:35.


4.    Buses will take the CC team to meets and may also bring athletes back to TMS after the meet.  Athletes may leave a CC meet with their parent or another adult designated by the athlete’s legal parent or guardian.  An athlete that is not taking the team bus back to TMS MUST have the adult providing the ride sign Coach Schmeling's clipboard at the meet by your name before you may leave the meet.  If an athlete is planning to ride home with an adult who is not his/her parent, he/she must also submit a completed and signed Cross Country Travel Consent Form with your parent’s signature to ride home with that adult.  Only your parents may give us written permission to allow you to ride home with a friend. Athletes returning to TMS on the team bus will be asked to call their parents at least 30 minutes prior to pick up. Parents, please pick up your child from TMS immediately after the bus arrives at school. Before each meet, we will post information on the TMS Cross Country website providing the meet’s address and the team’s approximate return time to TMS.


5.    Athletes, you are responsible for your academic success, obeying team and school rules (as laid out in the student handbook and the Cross Country team contract).  You are expected to have a positive attitude, demonstrate appropriate school behavior at all times, to work hard and to be a team player.  Any flagrant or recurring violation of the rules could result in a temporary suspension from practices, meets or dismissal from the team. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear to practice and meets?


Athletic shorts, a t-shirt, socks and running shoes are appropriate running gear.  Bring a (full) water bottle or two every day. Be prepared for changing weather conditions; keep rain gear and extra layers such as a light jacket or long-sleeved t-shirt in your locker – we run outside 90% of the time!


The team shirt and appropriate running gear is our uniform and it must be worn to every meet!  If you forget your team shirt on the day of the meet you can’t run in the meet.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


How far do we run during practice?


During practice we run anywhere from two to four miles, depending on ability level and type of practice. We mix up our training to include long runs, speed work, core work, conditioning drills and tempo runs. As already mentioned, cross country is a no-cut sport. We expect our athletes to actively participate the whole practice. We want everyone to increase their skills, extend their limits, and learn to compete. You are here to become a faster runner by working hard!  You get out of it what you put into it!


How far do we race?


Cross country meets at the middle school level are usually about 1 ½ to 2 miles in distance. We typically race on a mix of grass, roads, and trails. Each meet will help the athletes prepare for the Braveland Conference Meet in October.


What if it rains on a meet day, or a practice day?


We are cross country runners… we love the rain and mud! In cases of extreme rain or lightning, however, meets may be cancelled. If a meet is cancelled an announcement will be made during the school day informing the students to go home after dismissal on their bus, we will not have practice.   


If it rains severely or lightning is present on a practice day we will practice indoors until it is safe to return outside.

Feel free to email your coach if you have additional questions.

Where should my parents pick me up at Templeton after practice and meets?

You must wait by the main gym lobby until your ride arrives.  Tell your ride that they may only pick you up there.  You cannot wait in the parking lot or by the main school doors. Never wander thru the parking lot!


Contact Information:

Athletic Director:  Ms. Watton

Coach Schmeling

Coach Strauss