Spider-Pig and the Presidential Perplexity 
(Part I)

Students need to have a smart phone or other portable electronic device that can read a QR code in order to participate in this caper.

Spider-Pig's greatest adversary, Bad Boaris, is cooking up another one of his evil schemes in Spider-Pig's hometown of New Pork.  Bad Boaris has got his hands on a time machine, and he has used it to kidnap every president in United States' history. His plan is to steal famous artifacts from each president and sell them on E-Bay in order to fund his next harebrained scheme. Certainly there were better ways for Boaris to make money off of a time machine, but he is not as intelligent as the rest of his species. 

Spider-Pig is busy dealing with another one of his adversaries, a karate expert named Pork Chop, to handle this problem and would like your help in solving this case. 

To catch Boaris, enter the room where the 44 men who have been president are gathered and find Boaris. He is currently impersonating one of the presidents so that he can be close enough to protect his contraband. Many presidents know which one is the impostor,  but their time travel sickness is preventing them from having a clear head and talking in a meaningful way. Presidents who didn't have to travel in time should be able to give you the most coherent clues.

Solve their puzzles, and you will find Boaris. 

Students who solve the mystery can enter to win a prize package. A winner will be randomly chosen for each of the packages.

More things might be added to the prize packages, but here they are right now:

Prize Package A
Starbucks Gift Basket

Prize Package B
Aurabox 2.0: Wireless Speaker 

Prize Package C
4-60 minute Skyzone Passes
Friday's Buy One-Get-One Apps
Dairy Queen Ice Cream