Dear WFCA and WHSFA teams,

I think everyone in both organizations agrees that public speaking is an invaluable skill, and the work we do to make children more confident and proficient public speakers is a worthy cause. Many of us also believe the spirit of competition also motivates students to perform their best, but we also have to realize that success doesn’t always come easy for our students and growing teams.

When I took over Hamilton’s forensics program five years ago, they had only eight kids on the team, and they had just finished 41st in the state.  Last year, we had 75 kids and finished 4th in the state. We’ve known what it is like to get kicked around, and we’ve been lucky recently to have had moments where we were able to understand how it feels to be on the top.

It is with this experience that we are hosting the Hamilton Hullabaloo on March 24th because we believe now is the time to offer a tournament that recognizes that not all teams and their students are in forensics to win trophies. Some kids and teams are just looking to get better, and all kids want to have fun.

That is why we are running the Hamilton Hullabaloo. We want to create a tournament that students look forward to attending even if they know their chances of advancing to finals aren’t very promising. We would like to create a new paradigm for tournament hosting, created by students for students, that still values competition but also emphasizes community, and we want to see our community grow. Please review the “features” tab and see all the exciting things we have planned for you and your team and consider adding the 1st Annual Hamilton Hullabaloo to your team’s schedule this season.

We hope to see you all there,

Barry Holloway
Hamilton Forensics, Head Coach