We are still working hard to put this tournament together and to secure vendors/volunteers for all of the things we want to see featured at the Hullabaloo. Because it is so early in the planning, we can only give generalities at this point, but keep an eye on this site for updates. Obviously, costs and attendance will drive what we can and can't do. So please register early so that we can bring you an amazing event.

Features that will be present at the 2018 Hullabaloo:

Tab Room
Friendly, welcoming tab room  Willingness to offer new coaches the chance to learn aspects of the tab room, so they can host in the future. (Please e-mail Coach Holloway about this ahead of time). Critique sheets sorted, ordered, and stapled for you.
 Judges' Lounge A morning meeting that is informational and not patronizing. Drops/Changes and Power Rounds projected on a screen in real time.  Due to conflicts with the Robotics Mini-Regional, we were unable to secure musicians this year...better luck next year!
The Gouda Girlswinners of the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championship and the Shepherd Express' Award for "Best Street Food/Food Truck" in 2015, will be parking their truck at the Hamilton Hullabaloo to provide food for the whole tournament!
Click here for lunch menu!
Breakfast and lunch concessions, including $1 donuts and muffins from Milwaukee's legendary bakery...
 Fun Karaoke
Spider-Pig and the Presidential Perplexity (Part One)
"Power Room" feat. DJ Duy-Linh
Come for a dance during lunch and wait for powers to be posted!
The Hammy, a team trophy like no other. 

Finalist Medal

Category Trophy

Team Trophy
Last names being butchered by the host (some things will never change).
 General Students in clearly marked shirts helping you to your rooms.
  • Radio packets will be from a different decade in each round.
    • R1 '80s
    • R2 '90s
    • R3 '00s
    • PWR Onion Articles
  • Extemporaneous questions will focus on a different category each round.
    • R1 National Issues
    • R2 World Affairs
    • R3 Business/Economics 
    • PWR Draw one from each category
  • Impromptu questions will focus on different categories each round. 
    • R1 "It was the best of lines, it was the first of lines."
    • R2  That's a horrific title!
    • R3- The Bug Songs of J. George McStarr
    • PWR "The show about nothing:" vague one sentence summaries of famous TV shows.
Novice prose and novice poetry are being offered. Students may double enter, but they may not double in enter in both radio and extemporaneous speaking. They may double enter in radio/extemp AND impromptu.

Features that may be present at the 2018 Hullabaloo or future hullabaloos:
 Lunch More food trucks!
 Fun Photo booth Red carpet entrance Inflatables
 Awards Fun videos announcing each category A video documenting the day as it happened Digital announcement of students who advanced to finals
 General Limited edition t-shirt run with tournament logo Triple entering Potential to expand into a current middle school and future middle school, both in walking distance.
 Categories  Impromptu Prose/Poetry    

Features that were rejected in the brainstorming process:
Live animals
People in costumes
Boring stuff

We are open to suggestions, so send them our way!