Year Entries-Points  Division Place-Overall Place  Notable Performances
 2018 25-233   6th-6th Semi Mehak Oberoi & Swathi Prasad (Play)
Semi Shiva Senthil (Radio)
Semi Abhi Puri (Radio)
Semi Sophia Detweiler (Impromptu)
Semi Rashmi Majjigapu (Prose)
Semi Madison Ruplinger (Info)
Semi Mindy Yadev (Demo)
Semi Emma Stokman (Impromptu)
Semi Maanya Kashyap (Prose)
Semi Emma O'Neill (Special Occasion)
6th Matt Gnanadass (Extemp)
6th Krystal Fedie, Nicole Hentzell, Manola Inthavong (Group)
4th Elise Rades (Farrago)
 2017 25-237   4th-4th Semi Erin Magoon (Informative)
Semi Mia Leukert (Demonstration)
Semi Maanya Kashyap & Emily Berger (Duo)
Semi Amy Yadev (Informative)
Semi Ciara Cronin (Special Occasion)
6th Emily Bader, Kavya Ayalasomayajula, Abhi Puri (Group)
5th Emily Keith (Special Occasion)
4th Rachel Betters (Special Occasion)
4th Matt Gnanadass (Extemp)
3rd Emma Stokman (Demonstration)
2nd Jordan Koeller (Informative)
State Champ Jack Larsen (Impromptu)
 2016 25-195  9th-13th Semi Andy & Emma O'Neill (Play Acting)
Semi Kavya Ayalasomayajula & Emily Keith (Play Acting) 
Semi Amy Yadev (Four Minute)
Semi Jack Larsen (Impromptu)
Semi Tessa Jaskolski (Moments in History)
4th Erin Magoon & Sam Moore (Duo)
State Champ Matt Gnanadass (Impromptu)
State Champ Dani Kallis (Special Occasion)
 2015  15-111  12th-22nd Semi Fowler/Moore (Play Acting)
Kavya Ayalasomayajula (Storytelling)
Semi Erin Magoon (4-Minute)
6th Rachel Betters (Radio)
State Champ Dani Kallis (Special Occasion)
 2014  25-150  10th-18th
Semi Ila Avinash (Moments in History)
Semi Erin Magoon (4-Minute)
6th Dani Kallis (Special Occasion)
3rd Cassie Zimdars (Prose)
 2013 8-58  13th-41st 
Semi Samantha Moore (Solo Humorous)
4th A.J. Magoon (Solo Humorous)
 2012  9-82  16th-31st
Semi Madison Czerwinski (Poetry)
Semi Anna Joll (Prose)
 2011  12-81  15th-30th None 
 2010  9-87 15th-28th  Semi Mitch Keim (Extemporaneous)
5th Christine Hart (4-Minute)
5th Richie Schmidt (Radio)
2nd Uma Avinash (Moments in History)
 2009 7-57   19th-41st Semi Shantelle Kind (Prose)
6th Ryan Zahn (O.I.L.)
 2008  12-98  7th#-25th Semi Mitch Keim (Extemporaneous)
Semi Shantelle Kind (Prose)
6th Liane Rakow (Solo Serious)
3rd Ryan Zahn (Prose)
 2007 Unknown  Unknown  Semi Christine Hart (Prose)
Semi Mitch Keim (Radio)
6th Shantelle Kind (Poetry)
 2006  16-121  8th-18th Semi Unknown (Duo Interp.)
Semi Unknown (Storytelling)
 2005 Unknown   Unknown 5th Whitney Zahn (O.I.L.)
 2004 Unknown   Unknown None 
 2003 Unknown   Unknown None 
 2002 Unknown   Unknown None  
 2001 Unknown   Unknown None  
 2000 Unknown   Unknown None  
 1999 Unknown  Unknown 3rd Joel Urmanski (Extemporaneous)
*Results pulled from WFCA website. Not all information complete. Prior to 1999 information may not be available or the team was a part of the WHSFA.
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