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Forensics Fun to Kick Off the Season

posted Nov 21, 2016, 10:29 AM by Barry Holloway   [ updated Nov 21, 2016, 10:29 AM ]
Article by Rachel Betters

Photo by Barry Holloway

Sussex, WI--The Hamilton Forensics team convened for the first time on Friday to discuss plans for the year and to begin team building with a night of food, games and information. Among the topics discussed were proper tournament etiquette and dress, plans for future team activities, and the upcoming mock tournament. In addition, Head Coach Barry Holloway introduced his new assistant coach, Sarah Kowalske; she will help him and Assistant Coach Addie Starrett prepare the record-breaking number of students this year’s team has recruited. With over seventy-five members, the team’s size has increased dramatically since previous years. “I look forward to how many people there are, how many people you can talk to,” says junior Rashelle Pershman, who was on the team since she began high school. “It’s like a really big family now, where it's okay that you don’t know everyone because you’ll get to meet them all.”

When the mandatory informational meeting concluded, the team gathered in Hamilton’s athletic center for sports and games. Relay races helped to bring teams students together to compete in a four round tournament modeled after forensics meets, and acting games brought out everyone’s personality and speaking skills. “It was a lot of fun, and my favorite part was definitely doing all of the activities with my friends,” says freshman Abhi Puri, who joined high school forensics after completing all three years in middle school.

The night left the team with an optimistic and determined outlook, and excitement to start the new season. “I look forward to going to all the meets and meeting the people there, scoring points for the team and hopefully winning trophies,” says Puri.