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THREE-PEAT: Hamilton Wins Third Straight GMC Title

posted Feb 27, 2018, 9:21 AM by Barry Holloway   [ updated Feb 27, 2018, 9:21 AM ]

By Nicole Hentzell

Brookfield, WI--Hamilton’s forensics team took 25 entries to compete at the Greater Metro Conference (GMC) tournament. The team scored 258 points-- the second most in team history, winning the conference title for the third time in as many years. Eight of the 18 individual categories where won by
Chargers. That is the most conference champions at one tournament in team history. Brookfield East had the next most conference champions (4).

The conference gives out two team awards: sweepstakes and quality points. Hamilton obtained the highest points in both categories but the team that wins the sweepstakes award is not allowed to win the quality points award. This is the second year-in-a-row that the Chargers scored highest in both categories.

19 out of 25 entries finished in the top-three, with Abby Meihsner and Molly Coady finishing fourth.

Conference Champs:

Rachel Betters (Special Occasion Speaking)

Eric Doese (Impromptu  Speaking)

Krystal Fedie, Nicole Hentzell, Manola Inthavong (Group Interpretive)

Matt Gnanadass (Extemporaneous Speaking)

Chloe Miller (Solo Humorous Speaking)

Rashelle Pershman (Prose)

Elise Rades (Farrago)

Amy Yadev (Informative Speaking)

2nd Place

Ashley Bissen (Solo Serious Speaking)

Abhi Puri (Radio)

Madison Ruplinger (Informative Speaking)

Mindy Yadev (Demonstration Speaking)

3rd Place

Jordan Koeller (Informative Speaking)

Matt Lehner (Impromptu Speaking)

Rashmi Majjigapu (Solo Serious Speaking)

Emma O'Neill (Storytelling)

Jada Nieves (Poetry)

Ritika Patel & Mallory Remm (Play Acting)

Shiva Senthil (Radio)

--Scored 258 points (2nd most in team history). Next closest team had 208 (Wauwatosa East).

--Matt Gnanadass and Rashelle Pershman repeat, winning their second-straight conference championship in Extemp and Prose, respectfully.

--Amy Yadev won her second conference championship in Informative Speaking. She has now finished in the top-3 at the last three conference tournaments.

--The Chargers swept the Informative Speaking category, placing in the top-4 spots.