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Small Team Still Gets Big Results at Tosa

posted Feb 16, 2016, 12:02 PM by Barry Holloway   [ updated Feb 16, 2016, 12:20 PM ]

Article by Kate Sabol

    Wauwatosa, WI--Hamilton Forensics was excited to take 9th place out of the 33 teams attending the meet at Wauwatosa East High School this past Saturday. Because of many other conflicting events, the team was smaller than normal, but despite this the general energy of the team was as upbeat as normal. Freshman Jordan Koeller described it as, “The overall team’s mood was pretty hyped going into this even though we had few people going into this, we certainly had the attitude of a much bigger team.” When asked if there was a noticeable difference between competitions with more participants than this one, Sophomore Emma O’Neill said, “There’s not much of a change, but when we have a bigger team, more people are crazier and more themselves.” Personal progress accomplished by the team members at the meet only encouraged the positive mood throughout the day.

    The team scored 131 points at the meet, which is the most scored at the Wauwatosa East Invite in four years. Additionally, five different entries from Hamilton powered at the meet; The pair of Samantha Moore and Erin Magoon placed first in duo interp, Matthew Gnanadass placed second in extemporaneous speaking, Kate Sabol placed third in extemporaneous speaking, Erin Magoon placed third in four minute speaking, and Rachel Betters was a finalist in radio. Senior Samantha Moore has now placed at an invite in three different categories during her Hamilton forensics career! Junior Kate Sabol and sophomore Matthew Gnanadass beat or tied their highest finish at an invite in extemporaneous speaking at this meet.

    Erin Magoon became the first Hamilton student in over five years to double enter, as well as place in both events while double entering. When asked about double entering, Erin said, “I think the best part was that I kind of got the best of both worlds. I used to do four minute; I have the last two years, and I kind of missed it last week when I was just doing duo. It was kind of nice getting back to my roots and doing what I usually like to do.” She was shocked to have powered in both categories and hopes to continue to see success at future meets.

    Overall, Hamilton Forensics members anticipa
te the upcoming meet at West Bend East, this Saturday; members hope to not only enjoy the competition with one another, but also make more personal accomplishments!

Click here for Jordan Koeller's post-meet interview

--The 131 points scored by the Chargers is the most they've scored at the Wauwatosa East Invite since it returned four years ago. 

--Matthew Gnanadass and Kate Sabol beat or tied their highest finish at an invite in extemporaneous speaking. 

--Erin Magoon becomes the first Hamilton student in over five years to double enter AND place in both events while double entering.

--Senior Samantha Moore has now placed at an invite in three different categories during the course of her career. 

--16 of the 20 students performing in Saturday's meet have experience of only one season or less in high school forensics.