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Hamilton Strikes Back at Slinger

posted Feb 10, 2018, 7:29 AM by Barry Holloway   [ updated Feb 10, 2018, 7:29 AM ]
By Nicole Hentzell

Slinger, WI--The Forensics team made an outstanding comeback, taking first place at Slinger on February 3rd. The team scored a total of 278 points, the most Hamilton has scored this season. Hamilton defeated Ronald Reagan High school by a difference of just a single point.

Genevieve DeVeau credits this victory to “All the hard work everyone has been putting in, especially Mr. Holloway talking to all of us.”

Hamilton had sixteen students advance to power rounds, four of which were from informative. A total of eight HHS entries made it to the top three. Matthew Lehners, at his second meet ever, became tournament champion in impromptu.

Shiva Senthil became tournament champion in radio at two consecutive meets.

Rachel Betters (Special Occasion), Matt Gnanadass (Extemp), Abby Meihsner (Moments), Elise Rades (Farrago), and Madison Ruplinger (Informative) were awarded second place and Amy Yadev (Informative) garnered third place.

This was the most runner-up champions in forensics team history.  Hamilton's jump of only having two entries in the top-3 to eight entries this weekend was the largest improvement from one week to another in team history.

In addition to outstanding victory, team members “ how everyone is so warm and happy,” said Head of Marketing Maanya Kashyap.  “We’re all a family, forensics is not just an activity-- it’s a lifestyle.”

Lisa Nelk feels similarly, stating, “They are all super nice and accepting and everyone is so friendly... It’s a community and just one big family and I love that.”

Gnanadass recommends that students who are having trouble powering should “Keep coming in, keep working with coaches and just keep grinding it out. You’ll get their eventually.”

Above all, all forensics members should progressively be working, “To make forensics great again,” said Head of Development Jordan Keller. #MFGA

Tournament Champion

Matthew Lehner (Impromptu)

Shiva Senthil (Radio)

2nd Place

Rachel Betters (S

pecial Occasion)

Matt Gnanadass (Extemp)

Abby Meihsner (Moments)

Elise Rades (Farrago)

Madison Ruplinger (Informative)

3rd Place

Amy Yadev (Informative)

--The team has now tied their record of most large team championships in a season (2).

--Eight entries finishing in the top-3 is the most for Hamilton at tournament outside of Port Washington.

--Shiva Senthil has been named tournament champion in both of the tournaments he's attended. He still has a ways to go to beat Dani Kallis' five championships in a season.

--This season's Chargers are about three power round entries shy of the pace to have the most power round entries in a season.

--Ashley Bissen and Rashmi Majjigapu were one place short of powering.