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Hamilton Shows Improvement at Whitewater

posted Apr 7, 2018, 9:07 AM by Barry Holloway   [ updated Apr 7, 2018, 9:21 AM ]
Article by Nicole Hentzell

Whitewater, WI--Hamilton took third place at UW-Whitewater for the second year in a row-- only thirteen points shorter than the top finisher-- the team scored a total of 297 points, the most in team history.

A hundred of these points were earned in the informative and impromptu categories. A total of sixteen Chargers advanced to finals, a team record at this invite.

Dorie Palmer, Matt Gnanadass, and Ritika Patel became the only three students to power in two categories.  

Matt Gnanadass entered in impromptu and extemp, becoming the first Hamilton student to record 1,1,1 in the preliminary rounds in two categories at the same invite.

Dorie Palmer powered for the first time this season. “It was kind of strange,” Said Palmer. “Because [I] never powered before, and suddenly I double powered.”

“This past week everyone worked hard,” said Emma Stokman (Duo), “staying late after school and put in their full effort at school.”  

2nd Place

Matt Gnanadass (Extemporaneous Speaking)

Jon Lucero, Dorie Palmer, and Sean Seraphine (Play Acting)

Madison Ruplinger (Informative Speaking)

Shiva Senthil (Radio Speaking)

--Last year Hamilton missed out on 1st by 17 points and 2nd by 13 points. This year they closed the gap. They were short of first place by 13 points and short of second place by only 4 points.
--Hamilton was bested by Sun Prairie (2nd at state in 2017) and Madison West (5th at state in 2017).
--The 297 points scored by Hamilton was their third most points scored at a tournament in team history.
--Matt Gnanadass became the first Hamilton student to record 1, 1, 1 preliminary round scores in two categories at the same invite. He did it in impromptu and extemp.
--In bad news, no Charger finished 1st in a category for the first time at any tournament since March of 2016.
--Hamilton earned 50 points in both the informative and impromptu categories. No other teams scored more than 50 points in a single category. 
--Dorie Palmer joins her teammate Emma O'Neill and alum Samantha Moore ('16) as the only Hamilton students to advance to powers in  three different categories at invites throughout their career. 
--Dorie Palmer, Matt Gnanadass, and Ritika Patel double-powered.
--Michelle Wehrman, Hayden Hotchkiss, and Rushmi Ranasaria made their forensics debuts.
--Maanya Kashyap was one place shy of advancing to powers in solo serious. 
--Sharan Gill posted his best scores, going 2, 3, 5.