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Hamilton Closes the Gap on State's Elite

posted Apr 1, 2017, 9:03 AM by Barry Holloway   [ updated Apr 1, 2017, 9:30 AM ]

Article by Rachel Betters

Madison, WI--The Chargers continued to close the gap between Hamilton and the top teams in the state with a third place finish at James Madison Memorial. As 13 entries advanced to finals (a record-breaking score for this competitive meet) and three entries placed in the top-3, the Chargers were only 27 points out of first place. This meet also continues Hamilton’s streak of placing no lower than third at any invite.

The James Madison Memorial tournament also stands out as a significant meet as it is the only tournament entered by the Chargers to present a Triathlon Award. Multiple Chargers performed in three separate categories throughout the day. Freshman Maanya Kashyap competed in Duo Interp, Prose and Impromptu, performing a total of ten speeches during the course of the tournament. Her combined scores nominated her as one of the top-6 finalists for the Triathlon Award, a feat no other Charger has yet accomplished. “I was constantly running back and forth between events,” says Kashyap of the difficulties of triple-entering.

While many students focused on triple-entering, others continued to improve their performances of a single category. Shiva Senthil, a freshman competing in radio, powered for the second time at the tournament after improving his piece. “I developed my newscaster voice,” says Senthil. When asked his favorite part of radio, he answered that he enjoys “reading funny stories that happened in the news.”

Tournament Champions
Emily Berger & Maanya Kashyap (Duo Interpretive)

2nd Place
Ciara Cronin (Special Occasion Speaking)

3rd Place
Erin Magoon (Informative Speaking)

Triathlon Award (top score while performing in three different speaking categories)
5th Place Maanya Kashyap
Maanya Kashyap entered in Prose, Impromptu, and Duo Interp. Because of this, Maanya gave ten speeches during the day, and her combined scores in those categories placed her 5th for this prestigious trophy. While many Chargers have tried, no other Hamilton student has been recognized at this tournament as a top-6 finalist for this trophy.


--Emily Berger & Maanya Kashyap became the first Chargers to be declared tournament champions in an event at this tournament.

--Erin Magoon added to her, team record, career top-3 finishes at an invite (16).

--Zahria Green (Sophomore), Genevieve DeVeau (Sophomore),  Elise Rades (Sophomore), and Borna Riazi (Senior) advanced to the finals for the first time in their forensics career.

-- Freshman Hope Swearingen (Freshman) competed in her first meet this weekend.

--The Chargers were defeated by Sun Prairie and Madison West. Both finished in the top-5 at state last year.

--James Madison Memorial removed themselves from the team sweepstakes competition. They would have won, just like they’ve won 12 of the last 14 state championships, including the last nine.

--This was a triple entry tournament. Hamilton brought 57 entries.