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Forensics Fun Nite "Kicks" Off the Season

posted Jan 10, 2018, 4:55 PM by Barry Holloway   [ updated Jan 10, 2018, 5:03 PM ]

by Nicole Hentzell

Sussex, WI--On Friday December 8th Hamilton Forensics held their annual “Forensics Fun Nite. All kids were welcome to enjoy good food, games, and fun.

“We had Pizza,” said head coach Barry Holloway. “Then we talked about planning for this season, how we are going to be successful this season and improve on our 4th place finish at state, and how we are going to defend our conference title.”

“After that we had a little snowball fight,” said Head Captain Matthew Gnanadass ‘18. “With questions [on paper balled into 'snowballs'] we would throw [the paper] around the room, [and get] people to asking questions and answering them.”

“Then we all went down to the [Hamilton Athletic] facility,” said Head of Recruitment and training Molly Coady ‘20, “and played soccer and kickball and an improv game.”

Head of Development, Jordan Koeller ’19, stated he “liked Holloway's modified kickball. You had to run around the bases twice, and you could run from the left or the write.”

The night was more than just games, but about the comradery among teammates because forensics is “not all just about public speaking. It’s also about building relationships and building a community in the school that people feel comfortable in,” said Holloway.

“It was really nice to get acquainted with the new members and get to know them even more.” said Coady.

The Fun Nite was a place where new and returning members could come together and create a stronger bond as a team.

New member, Haydan Hotchkiss ‘21 came to the Fun Nite because, “I just moved here, and I wanted to get to know some more people in forensics and [those] who go to this school.”

More than anything, this event was to remind students to “Put aside our differences and come together as a team,” said Koeller.