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PHS Bulletin - Gold Day


Juniors - Concession Stand on Tuesday Nov 27th - 1st Shift (starts at 4:00) - Kayli Wilson, Nate Shatto, Michael Johnson, Makayla Williamson; 2nd Shift -  Kayli Wilson, Nate Shatto, Michael Johnson, Makayla Williamson; 3rd Shift - Kayli Wilson, Nate Shatto, Michael Johnson, Makayla Williamson; 4th Shift - Kayli Wilson, Nate Shatto, Michael Johnson, Ethan Schmidt; 5th Shift - Kayli Wilson, Nate Shatto, Ethan Schmidt, Chloe Hibler; 6th Shift - Nate Shatto, Ethan Schmidt, Chloe Hibler; 7th Shift - Nate Shatto, Kimber Wilson, Ethan Schmidt, Chloe Hibler; 8th Shift - Nate Shatto, Ethan Schmidt, Chloe Hibler, Kimber Wilson 

The list of students who qualified for the Penney Punch off campus lunch is on the bulletin board outside the library. If you think your name should be on the list and is not, see Mrs. Prothero ASAP. Freshman will eat out Tuesday, Nov. 27th, Sophomores and Seniors Wednesday, Nov. 28th and Juniors Thursday, Nov. 29th. A shuttle bus will be provided Tuesday and Wednesday for those who need it. Pick up your permission form in the library.  

Juniors - Concession Stand on Tuesday Nov 20th - 1st Shift (starts at 5:30) - Elisha Westover, Levi Leader, Mikayla Robertson, Kimber Wilson, Hannah Earnheart, 2nd Shift -  Kayli Wilson, Levi Leader, Mikayla Robertson, Kimber Willson, Hannah Earnheart; 3rd Shift - Kayli Wilson, Levi Leader, Mikayla Robertson, Kimber Wilson, Hannah Earnheart; 4th Shift - Kayli Wilson, Levi Leader, Mikayla Robertson, Kimber Wilson, Hannah Earnheart.  

Book club members- There has been a delay in shipping the books we ordered. Your copies of "Dangerous Lies" are expected to be in next week.  

Girls- one of the best "Chick Lit" books in our library is coming to Nexflix in December! If you are interested in reading a copy of "Dumplin", let Mrs. Prothero know ASAP. It's hilarious, romantic, and definitely will become a favorite. I will be getting a few extra copies for a quick checkout and then we will watch the new movie (starring Jennifer Aniston) in December. 

Upward Bound students--No Upward Bound activities this week. Tutoring and other UB activities will resume on Monday, November 26

Drama Club shirt order forms are available from Ms. Rouse. 

Sophomores--HOBY Leadership Seminar--This stands for Hugh O’Brien Youth.  Only Sophomore students are eligible and one candidate from each school is chosen.  We will make our decision based on interest (must complete a form), GPA, leadership ability, and character. 

Why would I want to go? HOBY is respected worldwide and looks good on college entrance applications; get to meet distinguished leaders of the community from various sectors and enhance your leadership skills. HOBY alumni are offered other youth programs such as trips, scholarships etc. For more info visit:  www.hoby.org See Ms. Phillips for an application. Application deadline is Wednesday, November 28th

Labor Market Needs for High School Students in regard to critical need or shortage of trained personnel in the labor market in the state. DESE counseling staff has compiled and placed information related to labor shortages and job attainment on the DESE website. Link: https://dese.mo.gov/college-career-readiness/school-counseling.   This link is updated regularly.

FBLA member meeting Tuesday, November 20th 1st study hall, Ms. Rouses' room.

There is an updated Basketball and Wrestling Schedule in the office trays. 

Seniors - remember to vote for -shirt on Google classroom.

Seniors that are planning to attend college next year make sure you are watching the priority deadlines. Also start completing scholarship applications.

FBLA members: dues must be paid by November 28th in order to compete at district. 

The Hamilton Fifth Grade has embarked on a quest to collect ONE million pennies. They are asking for your help too. There is a collection can in the window of the high school office. 

DEAR Schedule: 11/20   2nd Block 

11/20  Josten's Ring Delivery 11:30
11/20  JVG/VG BB vs. Chillicothe 6:00
11/21-11/23 No School - Thanksgiving Vacation  

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