Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic

Science Vocabulary

SOL 4.1 Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic



1. observe- to use one or more senses to identify or learn about an object or event

2. conclude- the end (the answer to your hypothesis); conclusion

3. inference- (infer) to form an idea from facts or observations

4. predict- to guess

5. hypothesis- a possible answer to a question (guess/ predict)

6. experiment- to perform a test to support or disprove a hypothesis

7. investigation- steps followed or info collected to solve a problem (investigate)

8. data- information collected to answer questions or solve a problem

9. classify- to place things that share properties together in groups

10. model- something made to represent an object or event

11. mass- the amount of matter making up an object

12. mixture- two or more types of matter mixed together but keep their on properties



13. line graph- graph using lines

14. bar graph- graph using bars

15. picture graph- graphs using pictures


Instruments used for measuring:

16. scale- used to measure weight

17. balance- an instrument used to measure mass

18. meter stick- measures distance

19. graduated cylinder-used to measure liquids

20. thermometer- an instrument used to measure how hot or cold something is

21. beaker- container used to measure liquids


Metric Measurement:

22. millimeter- measures length (mm)

23. centimeter- measures length (cm); the size of a raisin

24. kilometer- measures length (km)

25. meter- measures length (m); a little more than a yard

26. milliliter- measures volume/liquid (ml)

27. gram- (g) used to measure the mass of small objects (1,000 grams =1 kilogram)

28. liter- measures liquid (l)

29. kilogram- used to measure mass (kg)



30. manipulated variable (independent variable)- a variable that is purposely changed

31. responding variable (dependent variable)- changes as a result of the manipulated variable



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