6th Grade Code X Unit 1 - "Stories of Survival"

Stories of Survival:
The narrators of the story, poem, and memoir in this unit all successfully confront their fears. 
Essential Question:
How are people shaped by the challenges they face? 
Text 1: "Tuesday of the Other June"

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Writer's Craft - using quotations
Writer's Craft Lessons - Characterization

Characterization w/Frozen


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Text 2: "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" 

Poetry Terms


Poetry Lesson


Prezi Vocab


Life Doesn't Frighten Me

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Text 3: "Dirk the Protector" 

The Scar

Extended Reading "Dirk the Protector". 

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Dirk the Protector


Action Magazine News articles: 

"I Fled In Terror"

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Battle with Addiction

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Collaborate and Present
Writing Performance Task
 Conventions Study - 

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Dirk the Protector


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Narrative - Write a short story in which a character from one of the Unit texts faces another challenging experience.