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[June 12, 2011 Update]

This publication traces the exploits of the Haddonfield Marching Band from it's beginnings in 1923 to the present.  It consists of over 390 pages (280 pages of text, 114 pages of rosters) and is based on available documents, interviews, images, and recordings.  Apologies to all for omissions and errors - history is never perfect!

Your memories are important to rediscovering and preserving the story of the HMHS Marching Band.  THIS IS YOUR STORY.  PLEASE feel empowered to provide any corrections, additions, and documents (e.g. photos, competition/football program pages).  Some rosters are in great need of help, as are student leadership, themes/songs, and other gaps.
Use the sidebar to find the section(s) in which you have an interest.  MANY thanks to all who have contributed.
- Steven Di Pilla

Original Release: December, 2009
Update 1: April 25, 2010
Update 2: December 21-28, 2010
Update 3: June 12, 2011

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