Kindergarten - June 2013

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Hellenic American Academy - Socrates Day School

Kindergarten - Monthly Newsletter

June 1, 2013

Greek Language


We are at the very end of the school year!

May went so quickly and pleasantly.

We welcomed the last month of Spring making floral wreaths and beautiful presents for mother's day which was one of our big celebrations of the month.

In our Language studies we learned the letters Θ,θ (ΘΑΛΑΣΣΑ...) ,  Ω,ω (ΩΡΑ...) and we continued reading short sentences.  Our kindergartners felt so proud of them selves that they can read whole sentences in the Greek language.  Please continue to practice reading during the summer.

We enjoyed talking about our summer vacation plans.  Learning about the sea creatures and their names in Greek (Φάλαινα, Ξιφίας Καρχαρίας, Δελφίνι, Θαλάσσια Χελώνα, Φώκια, Μέδουσα, Αστερίας, Γαρίδες, Αστακός...)

The big success of course was our summer day when the children put on their swimsuits and enjoyed taking their morning snacks on their beach towels!They sang, danced and made summer crafts celebrating the end of a very creative year and the beginning of a fun filled summer.

During May we practiced our song   ΤΟ ΤΡΑΓΟΥΔΙ ΤΟΥ ΑΠΟΧΩΡΙΣΜΟΥ, ‘’Its time  to say goodbye’’ and the a theatrical sketch‘’Λαχανικοφρουτοθεραπεία’’  that we will present in our Graduation on June 6 th.

The children have given their best by working hard every day in our morning rehearsals. Do not forget to reward them with your warmest applause on the day of our summer celebration and of course don't forget the cameras!!!!!!

Thank you for your trust, your respect and your love during this amazing,creative and fun year! You will be always in my heart.


Κα Μαria Vasileiadou

Kindergarten - May 2013

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Hellenic American Academy - Socrates Day School

Kindergarten - Monthly Newsletter

May 1, 2013


Although the month of April was short, there was still lots of learning going on in room 108. The words and, there, give, little, that and have were learned.  These words were added to our notebooks and read daily. ALL Kindergarten HF words have been learned and we are reviewing daily!  Please do the same at home. The students are getting quite good at writing sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation (and amazing “inventive” spelling).  Short vowel /u/ words were read and written along with -un and -ut words. Our listening/speaking vocabulary words have been: hollow, scurry, watchful, cling, defend, ravenous, lively, peek, arise, clever, boastful and quarrel.  Try using these words with your children so that they become a part of their everyday vocabulary.  

Phoneme deletion, phoneme substitution, details, main ideas, Consonant Qq, rhyming words, friendly letter writing and invitations were worked on.  Please refer to your curriculum packet to see the literature we’ve read.

For Easter, the class created: “wooden” crosses, tie-dye eggs, Easter cards, spin art eggs, bunny puppets, Easter bonnets and worked on dot to dot Easter Math.

We have also been secretly working on a special Mother’s Day project :)


In Math this past month we completed Topics 11 (Decomposing Numbers 11-19) and 12 (Measurement).  We learned different ways to make larger numbers, discovered patterns in Math, described objects by different attributes, compared objects by length, height, weight and capacity. Our next Topic on Shapes was begun and to date have described and identified the following shapes: rectangles, squares, circles, triangles, hexagons and solid figures (cube, sphere, cylinder and cone).  We have also learned that most solid figures have flat surfaces with shapes.  Easter Math was completed and ALL children are working on Math Enrichment and Math Centers when time permits.


We’ve had lots of fun in Science! The students discovered what magnets can and can’t move. We used Math in Science, learned about John Gruener (Nasa Engineer), saw the first bootprint on the moon, began Unit D on Space and Technology and created nighttime skies. We also had an assessment on Chapter 8.

Social Studies

WELL...... YOUR CHILDREN LOVE TO HELP KEEP OUR EARTH CLEAN! For Earth Day, both groups took turns cleaning our school grounds.  They discovered that by doing their part, THEY can make a difference!  As a matter of fact, when it was time to stop, both groups begged to continue cleaning! Don’t you wish it was like that at home ?

Families has been our theme this past month.  We discovered how families are alike and different, what makes each day special, how families celebrate and saw how things have changed throughout the years.  The children learned that families eat different types of “special” food and like to go to different places to have fun.  Our Social Studies Kindergarten series has been completed and the last assessment was given.

Greek Language


 Καλή Πρωτομαγιά!


The spirit of Holy  Easter was strong in April.

We talked about the religious character of Easter, the miracles of Christ, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

We talked about the importance of fasting and preparing our body for our Holy Communion.

We learned the symbolism of  LAMBADES  and Red eggs. Greek customs such as eating the Magiritsa  soup in the evening of Holy Saturday after the Resurrection, the production of Lamb in the Spit on Sunday, day of Pascha were also discussed.

Each child made his own Pascha basket, painted his own red egg and made with his hands delicious Easter cookies.I want to thank  again the amazing mothers for their help .The Svigos and the Drossos families for donating the food supplies.

The basket was missing a Lambada and as we learned it is customary for our Godfather or Godmother to provide one.

We learned the Christos Anesti chant and how we say Christos Anesti, Alithos Anesti .

In the GREEK alphabet, we learned the letters and Φ,φ (Φρούτα,φανάρι...) and Ψ,ψ   (Ψάρι,ψωμί...)and we  continue reading short sentences.

In Math we practiced  numbers 18,19 and 20.

We also worked on people’s jobs, learning professions like:

mailman-ταχυδρόμος, doctor-γιατρός,driver -oδηγός, κρεοπώλης,μανάβης,φωτογράφος,μάγειρας,γραμματέαςηλεκτρολόγος,αγρότης and many more... The children enjoyed playing roles in our play area combining learning

with fun games. We discussed  the professions of their parents and they drew what they want to be when they grow up.

The song,  ΤΟ ΤΡΑΓΟΥΔΙ ΤΟΥ ΑΠΟΧΩΡΙΣΜΟΥ, is  the song that we practice for the Graduation and also a theαtrical sketch about Vegetables and Fruits. Please help your children to learn their parts, practicing every day at home if it is possible.

Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ για την υπέροχη συνεργασία!



Ka Maria Vasileiadou

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HAPPY EASTER to one and all!

Our Stars in April have been: EVI, ANNIE, RISHI and ZOE B.!

Don’t forget to join us for Mother’s Day on THURSDAY, May 9 at 12:30.  We have a surprise for our Moms!

For Graduation on June 6th at 10:00 a.m., your child should wear white (girls white dresses and boys white shirts and white/off white slacks).  Moms are planning an after grad picnic at a local park.  Please look for more info coming soon.

It saddens me to think there are just over 20 days left of school :(  Your children have inspired me, loved me and humored me every moment of every day.  I love them all as if they were my own.  Thank you for entrusting them to us.  They have enriched my life and I am blessed!!

Hugs and kisses from the luckiest teacher,

Ka Jessica :)


Kindergarten - April 2013

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Hellenic American Academy - Socrates Day School

Kindergarten - Monthly Newsletter

April 1, 2013


This past month has kept us busy learning High Frequency words she and good.  The students have been reviewing all other words every single day.  Our listening/speaking vocabulary words have been: appreciate, grace, host, lush, marvelous and constantly, along with review of past words.  The class read and wrote words ending with -et and -eg and learned letters Yy and Zz.  In writing, we wrote stories  and learned the characteristics of stories.  Students practiced giving the main idea, characters and settings. They enjoyed writing a class story! We celebrated Dr. Suess’ birthday with Ka Coralia and her class, we learned about leprechauns and even had a surprise visit from one (thank you Ka Chrisy).  The children made paper plate leprechauns, mixed blue and yellow paint to  make green, sponge painted shamrocks, tie-dyed coffee filters to make shamrocks and painted rainbows.  The Kindergarteners enjoyed reading stories about St. Patrick’s Day.


This past month in Math,  the students worked  on Topic 10 (Composing Numbers 11-19) and Topic 11 (Decomposing Numbers 11-19). They discovered ways to make numbers 11-19, practiced writing numbers 11-19 and worked with Math Centers exploring these numbers.  They also looked for patterns using numbers 11-19.The Kindergarteners continued practicing addition and subtraction and most are getting quite good!


In Science we began Chapter 8, How Things Move. Children classified events and performed an experiment discovering which objects rolled down a ramp. We learned different ways objects move, how fast objects  move, what sounds objects make and discovered what a magnet can move.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, the class learned how Thanksgiving has changed, how we celebrate our country, how traveling has changed and how cities have grown. The class took a Unit 5 assessment and began Unit 6.

Greek Language


 March was dedicated to our National Celebration on March 25th.  We learned words like Ελευθερία (Freedom), ΄Ηρωες (Heroes) and how our ancestors fought bravely for the Freedom of Greece in 1821.

We talked about the Secret School (Κρυφό Σχολειό) and the importance of the Greek language and Orthodox Christian belief in the
maintenance and progression of Hellenism.We presented  the song “Τα Κλεφτόπουλα” and the poem “ Ο Ευαγγελισμός της Θεοτόκου’’.

 The wonderfull presentation of the program of our Kindergarteners Yiorti, successfully rewarded the children who enthusiastically prepared for that day.

 In the GREEK alphabet, we learned the letters Ξ,ξ    (Ξύλο,ξύστρα)...) and Υ,υ(Ύπνος,υποβρύχιο...) In Math we
practiced on numbers 15 and

Ηave a WONDERFUL New Month! Kαλό μήνα σε όλους!          Ka Maria Vasileiadou

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Our Stars in March have been: Eleni and Dia.  Please look for an end of the year t-shirt order and an end of the year graduation form for our caps, tassels and charms coming home soon. I trust all of you had an enjoyable Spring Break. I traveled to California with my husband and had our first vacation alone since our honeymoon 24 years ago! I had a great time, but missed your children terribly :(

Kindergarten - March 2013

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Hellenic American Academy - Socrates Day School

Kindergarten - Monthly Newsletter

March 1, 2013


This past month was spent learning and reviewing HF words: up, down, we, want, out, who, are and they. All previous words are read on a daily basis.  Letters Vv and Jj were reviewed, along with short vowel /e/. Words ending with -ox, -ix,  -ed and -en were written and read. The class has been: isolating  initial, medial and final sounds and blending sounds to create words. We have learned the difference between reality/fantasy, practiced summarizing stories and worked on main ideas.  In writing, the classes have written descriptions of people, things and places. They have also learned about dialogue and generated questions. Our listening/speaking vocabulary words have been : contrast, meander, tidy, famished, modify, unfortunate, treasure, sturdy, worth, compliment, confer, mingle, protecting, volunteer, responsible, adore, melancholy and exquisite.  I’d love for you to use these words in everyday conversations with your child!

If you have not signed up for conferences, please do so. Ka Maria and I will be conferencing separately this trimester. Please make sure to sign up for English and Greek.


In Math, the students were sad to see Ka Leah leave, but welcomed me back with open arms to teach  Math. I must admit, I love having a mini-teacher.  We learned so much from one another!  In Math this month, the classes completed Topic 8, Understanding Subtraction.  They listened to and solved stories about separating, taking away and comparing. They learned about the  minus sign, finding differences and subtraction sentences. They took an assessment and most did quite well. Topic 9, Composing and Decomposing Numbers to 10 was also completed. Students learned the many ways to make numbers 4 (4+0, 3+1, 2+2, etc.),5,6,7,8,9 and 10. Ask them about FACT FAMILIES! The students wrote  number sentences and solved equations. They will be taking a MAth test on Monday, March 4 (Noon dismissal).


In Science, we began Chapter 7, HEAT and LIGHT. We discovered what we get from the sun, how the sun makes shadows, what gives off heat and what makes objects work. We took a Chapter 7 assessment. The children loved our experiment titled, What Can Light Go Through? and were surprised by our observations. We began Chapter 8, HOW THINGS MOVE.

Social Studies

In Social Studies this past month we have:               studied maps of the world, learned what earth looks like and learned how we can help care for the earth. The children took an assessment on Unit 4, OUR EARTH.  Students began Unit 5, THE USA and looked at some symbols of our country. We learned who the first Americans were and studied how explorers came to America. We also learned some facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in honor of President’s Day.  Junior Achievement ends today,

March 1st.  Your child will be receiving a certificate of completion.

Greek Language
February has been a very active month in Room 106!  We have been busy with many Valentine activities.  
We talked about the meaning of love in our lives and how we say I love you in Greek in Singular and in Plural(Σε αγαπώ, Σας αγαπώ..)
The children made their own Valentine cards and candleholder hearts out of clay,special presents for their parents.We  learned two
songs about love and we present them in our Valentines party
.Σήμερα γιορτάζει όλη η γη και Καλημέρα τί κάνεις,σε αγαπάω πολύ).
In the end of the month we started talking about  the traditions of the   Greek Apokria and Clean Monday (Καθαρά Δευτέρα).   
In Language, we added the  letters Β,β (βάζο.βάρκα...),  H,η (ήλιος, ηφαίστειο...)and Ζ,ζ (ζάρι,ζώνη...) to our Alphabet.
In Math we practiced on numbers 13 and 14 and  counting by 2’s from 0-10. We continue working on opposites: narrow - wide ,whole - half, many  -  few, tall – short…
We also learned very useful everyday expressions like: Can I have a nupkin, can I have a spoon or a fork please? Can I have a tissue? Where is the bathroom?etc.
The kindergarteners increased their vocabulary and they learned how to say in greek  I have a headache, my leg  hurts, my throat hurts , my back, my hand…..
I am hungry , I am thirsty, I am cold etc…

Καλό μήνα...και Καλή Aποκριά!!!!
Ka Maria V.

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OUR STARS this month have been :

Anestis,  James,  William and Marko.

NOON dismissal with no aftercare on Monday, March 4 and conferences on Tuesday, March 5.  Please sign up  for Greek and English.  Thank you for all you do each and every day.  

Lots of love from the luckiest teacher,

Ka Jessica


Kindergarten - February 2013

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Hellenic American Academy - Socrates Day School

Kindergarten - Monthly Newsletter

February 1, 2013

Reading100 Day Projects due FEBRUARY 1st           Our classroom DIBELS have been completed and mid-year Reading Assessments are underway! The advanced Reading Group will resume as soon as assessments are complete.                                                                  The past 3 ½ weeks  have been busy.  Our HF words have been: you, look, one, see, what and two, plus review of past words.  These words have been added to our notebooks and read daily.   Letters Oo, Ll ,Hh , Ww and Xx have been reviewed and words ending in  -op and -ot have been read.  Listening/speaking vocabulary words have been: load, bound, steep, drooped, joyous, thrill, fantasy, jolly, versatile, agreed, contribute and spontaneously.  In writing, exclamation sentences were written!  Commands were given (to the teacher too) and directions were practiced.  The class drew conclusions,  worked on story structure, summarized and used graphic organizers.  Kindergarteners worked on isolating initial, medial and final sounds in given words.  Please have them practice this skill at home.  Please keep reading Leveled Readers with your child.  Also, I send home photo-copied books at the end of each week.  These books are read in class and your child should be able to read them UNASSISTED.  Practice if your child is unable to do so!                                                                              Our 100th day is scheduled to be on  Thursday, February 7th (if there are no unexpected days off).  This day will be spent working on “100” type activities.  It will be a regular school day.

MathIn Math, the class counted to 100 by ones, fives, tens and twenties.  We looked for patterns on a 100 chart and took a Topic 6 assessment.  Students were instructed on the concept of addition,  They learned to join two groups and tell how many there  were all together.  Children learned about using the plus sign, the equal sign and learned about addition sentences.  Additionally, they learned that the answer to an addition problem is called a sum.  They have been “playing” at Math centers and working on their Math packets when time permits.  Our next topic is on subtraction.  Ka Leah will be instructing with my assistance.

ScienceIn Science, the class learned about solids, liquids and gas. We learned how to change a solid, liquid and a gas.  We also performed an experiment called, What shape does a bubble have?  We took a Chapter 6  and Unit B assessment and began Chapter 7 on Heat and Light.

Social StudiesIn S.S. the class learned about types of weather and places where animals and plants live.  We studied forests and made owls.  We studied plains and created butterflies. We studied mountains and painted bears.  The class also played a “Bear Estimation game”. Kindergarteners studied oceans and made underwater ocean scenes that are hanging outside of our classroom.  The children also learned what maps show and studied a map of the U.S.A.

Greek Language

January was a very busy month in the Greek Class.After our Christmas Holidays we cut our traditional Vasilopita and we talked about the Theofaneia ,Jesus baptism and how today we baptize the Greek Orthodox way.We learned how to say in Greek all the words that are related with the Holy Mystery(Σταυρός,λάδι,κολυμβήθρα,νονός,νονά,


The first month of the new year is devoted to Greek letters and the Three Hierarchs.We talked about their work promoting the Greek language and Orthodox Christian Faith.

We learned the letters Π,π (πόρτα,παιδί ...) , Γ,γ (γάτα, γράφω...) and  Δ,δ(δώρο,δέντρο...).

In math we practiced  the numbers 11 and 12 and learned to count down from 10 to zero and by 2s from 0-10.Opposites such as upside down, sideways, large, small, tall, short,  added to our GREEK vocabulary.

We talked about the Winter changes in the weather (temperature, environment) and the different clothes we wear.
We also discussed how the animals protect themselves from the cold.  We talked about hibernation (χειμερία νάρκη) and learned which animals sleep during the cold days of winter (Αρκούδα,φίδι,σκαντόχοιρος...)  
Τhe kindergarteners learned about the  fruits and vegetables of winter, the names in the GREEK language, but also their nutritional value.
Have a wonderful new month full of fun from the Greek Apokria!
Kαλό μήνα σε όλους!
Κα  Maria Vasileiadou

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Our Stars this past month have been : Teddy, Zenya, Kalliope and Georgea.  Congratulations to BIG BROTHER EVANGELOS and BIG SISTER GEORGEA!  Both students have new baby boys in their family!!!
Ka Nicole will be coming in on Friday afternoons for the month of February for Junior Achievement.  Junior Achievement is a non profit organization that brings the real world to students through hands-on curriculum delivered by a trained classroom volunteer.  Nicole was our volunteer last year and I am confident the students will love her!  
Happy February-the month of love is upon us!
My love to all of you and thank you for allowing me to be your child’s teacher, Ka Jessica :)


Kindergarten - January 2013

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Hellenic American Academy - Socrates Day School

Kindergarten - Monthly Newsletter

January 1, 2013

ReadingThis past month was spent learning and reviewing HF words I, a, my, go, to, like, he, come, here, this, me and for.  Bb and Kk were learned, along with  -in and  -ig words.  We have been drawing conclusions, using graphic organizers, generating questions and answering questions.  Our listening/speaking vocabulary words have been: property, arrives, creeps, fading, perhaps, prefer, warn, whirl, nestle, slumbering, delight and blustery.  The Kindergarteners created Christmas crafts and we read Christmas stories.  
I hope you enjoyed all of your presents made by your little one!

MathIn December, the  students took assessments on Topics 4 and 5 (Ordering number 0-10 and  Numbers to 20).  We began Topic 6, Numbers to 100.  As a home activity, number cards from 1-100 (by ones, by fives, by tens) and have your child place them in the correct order.  Also, practice counting to 100!  Please review all Math pages that come home on a daily basis.

ScienceIn Science, we continued our studies of the seasons.  We performed an experiment using thermometers and warm /cool water (What does a thermometer show about weather?).  We learned about Joan Higginbotham (astronaut) and began Topic C, Physical Science. We learned that matter is a solid, liquid or gas. Students took turns describing objects using physical characteristics.

Social StudiesThe children learned that we need food, clothing and shelter to survive.  We also discussed how products get to them.

Greek Language
We had a wonderful month in kindergarten !
DECEMBER was a month full of Christmas and holiday spirit. The kindergartners enjoyed talking about the Greek Christmas traditions like The Kάλαντα that the children sing in Greece on Christmas and New Years Eve.  The types of sweets we make during this season (likeμελομακάρονα,κουραμπιέδες...)  and of course theΒασιλόπιτα, the traditional cake with the coin that brings good luck to the person who finds it in his piece.
The children did an awesome job with the Christmas crafts, making cards and ornaments and there own φάτνη for the Christmas tree. We learned Christmas songs like the ΤΡΙΓΩΝΑ ΚΑΛΑΝΤΑ, ΚΑΛΗΝ ΕΣΠΕΡΑΝ ΑΡΧΟΝΤΕΣ and we practiced ‘’Ρούντολφ το Ελαφάκι’’ for our Christmas Programm.
From the Greek Alphabet we learned the letterX,χ(Χριστούγεννα,χειμώνας..)
and we finished the Shapes, with the Heart and the Star.
I hope that you all had an amazing holiday season. We have lots of fun and learning activities planned for 2013!


Κα Maria Vasileiadou

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Our Stars have been Zoe M. and Nayia.  
Thank you to the mothers who made our Christmas party a huge success.  Don’t forget to check out Ka Jessica’s Kindergarten on Shutterfly.  I have uploaded pictures through the end of 2012.  
Wishing all of you a very happy and healthy 2013.  I am blessed to have all of your children in my life.
Love from the luckiest teacher, Ka Jessica


Kindergarten - December 2012

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Hellenic American Academy - Socrates Day School

Kindergarten - Monthly Newsletter

December 1, 2012

ReadingCan you believe your child has been in Kindergarten for 63 days?  We are anxiously counting  each day until we reach our goal of 100 DAYS!
This past month, our HF words have been: he, come, here, this and HF review.  Letters  Ii, Gg and Ff were reviewed and words containing  -it and  -ip  were read and written.  Please continue to practice reading three letter words containing /a/ or /i/ in the middle. Your child should be able to read these accurately .  Listening/speaking vocabulary words were: squabble, mischief, uproar, tend, soggy, wobble, anxious, huddle, moans, productive, idle and scrumptious.  Try and use some of these words in everyday conversation!   The students learned about sentences and practiced writing them (always beginning with a capital letter and ending with punctuation).  Caption sentences were written, poems were written,  lists composed and posters created.  The students worked on beginning, middle and ending sounds in words, they drew conclusions and made inferences.  We learned about farms and what items they produce for our food and clothes.  All of this and we even had a week off in November!  Please see the Comprehensive skills chart to review the literature that was read.

MathThis month in Math students learned how to read, write and count numbers from 6-10.  They also compared numbers to ten and learned  how to show numbers in different ways.  Additionally,  students learned the terminology one more, two more and one fewer and two fewer.  Children were introduced to a number line.  Please review math words such as greater number and lesser  number. As a home activity, number index cards from 1-10.  Have your child arrange them in the correct order, have them pick 2 cards and ask them questions.  For example (if they chose and 8 and a 5), is 8 more than 5 or less than 5?  What numbers come between 5 and 8? Students will take a Topic 4 assessment on Wednesday, Dec. 5.

ScienceIn Science, we studied some of earth’s landforms (valleys, hills, mountains and plains).  We discovered how we use land on Earth, where water is found on Earth and how we use water and air.  Children began Chapter 5, Weather and Seasons and charted a weeks worth of weather! We are learning there are continuous patterns that occur in nature (fall, winter, spring, summer, fall, winter, etc.).

Social StudiesWhat an amazing month in S.S.!  The children learned about the voting process and terminology associated with voting.  They took part in a mock election for President and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience.
Kindergarteners learned how jobs have changed throughout the years and concluded that jobs are easier now (with technology) than many years ago. We discussed how and why people earn and spend money and needs vs. wants. Students created their own dinner plates. YUMMY! Your children a very SMART!

Greek Language

Καλό  σας μήνα !
This month in Greek  we add in our alphabet  the letters
E,ε (ελιά,έλατο) and P,ρ (ρόδι,ρύζι...)
We learned about the olive Trees,their importance in our nutrition and also their Symbolism.

In Math we worked on numbers 7,8 and 9. We also continue learning shapes.  We practiced on rectangle and  diamond.

We learned  the meaning of Thanksgiving and  each child said his/her own Thank you - Eυχαριστώ to their beloved.  We talked about the family gathering on that day and eating food like…γαλοπούλα, γλυκοπατάτες κλπ.
The kindergarteners enjoyed practicing the song Ρούντολφ το Ελαφάκι that we will perform  in our Christmas Yiοrti.We already wrote  and sent το the North Pole our letters to Άγιο Βασίλη(Santa Claus) !
On Pajama day we had so much fun eating pop corn and watching the Christmas movie Roudolf the Red nose Reindeer in the Greek language.
Are you ready for christmas?
Xρόνια πολλά και Καλές Γιορτές!

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Our Pajama Day was a huge success!  The students loved decorating the tree and enjoyed hot cocoa and cookies.  In the afternoon, we watched a Rudolph in Greek and ate popcorn!
Our class stars have been: Maria, Kristina and Evangelos.  We are working hard practicing for our Christmas program which is scheduled for Wednesday, December 12 at 6:00.  Have your child arrive at 5:45 p.m. dressed in a white or red (or white & red) shirt and black bottoms.
Christmas blessings to all of you and your loved ones.  I am blessed every day to spend time with your children.  Lots of love from the luckiest teacher, Ka Jessica :)


Kindergarten - November 2012

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Hellenic American Academy - Socrates Day School

Kindergarten - Monthly Newsletter

November 1, 2012

ReadingIn October, our High Frequency words have been: go, to, like and he.  These words have been added to our notebooks and note cards containing these words have been sent home.  We review all HF words on a daily basis.  I hope you are doing the same at home.  We have worked on rhyming words (recognition and production), onset/rime blending (sound blending), consonants Cc and Dd, word building using  -am, -at, -ap and -an.  The students are getting quite good at reading words containing short /a/!  The children identified characters in stories, made predictions, used story structure and graphic organizers, identified beginning, middle and endings of stories and practiced summarization.   Our listening/speaking vocabulary this past month  has been: appetite, savor, urgency, aroma, surround, tradition, sly, proceed, apparel, announced, imaginary, precisely, active, gigantic, voyage, gasped, glum and whimper.  Use this some of this vocabulary daily to help your child to remember!  
The Kindergarteners completed two Reading Assessments this month.  Please remember to read your child’s Leveled Readers several times so that they may advance to the next level.
Please refer to the Comprehensive Skills Chart in your curriculum packet to see the literature we’ve read.
Each child created a lovely fall leaf window decoration and also made a fall tree.  Our K room looks beautiful!

MathIn Math, the students completed Topics One to Five and Comparing and Ordering Zero-Five.  The children counted numbers 0-5 in different arrangements and practiced correctly forming these numbers.  They learned the terminology more, fewer, same as, one and two fewer and one and two more.  They ordered numbers 0-5.  We will begin Topic 3 on numbers 6-10.  The students have been working at Math centers in our classroom and many students have been working on advanced level Math.

ScienceIn Science, the class completed Chapter 3, Plants and Animals Around Us.  Students took an assessment and most did quite well!  Students learned what allows animals/plants to live on land or in water, we studied animals and plants that live in hot and cold places. Kindergarteners planted seeds and are awaiting the results.  Will seeds grow without water or without soil? The children cut out different habitats from magazines and learned about Eugenie Clark, a marine scientist.  We began Unit B on Earth Science.

Social StudiesThis month in S.S., the class learned that signs convey information, discovered why we need rules and learned who helps us in a community.  We discussed the differences between city, country and suburban living and learned what types of homes are found in each of these communities.  We discussed what events are celebrated in communities and took an assessment.  
The students also learned about Christopher Columbus.

Greek Language
October was a very fun month in Greek Class!
We talked about the seasonal changes of Autumn (Φθινόπωρο).  The differences in  nature, temperature, and the different cycles experienced by animals and birds.

We learned the fruits (μήλα=apples, ρόδια=pomegranates, κυδώνια=quinces) and vegetables (καλαμπόκι=corn, κολοκύθα=pumpkin) of the season .We also learned the song (Milo mou kokkino).

In “ALL ABOUT ME” we talked about our families. Each child shared their family photos and we learn how to use the right masculine(ο,τον) and feminine article(η, την).

Ex.1.Αυτός είναι ο μπαμπάς μου, αυτή είναι η μαμά μου...

2.Toν παππού μου τον λένε, την γιαγιά μου την λένε..  We practiced how to use the appropriate masculine and feminine gender.

Language: We learned the letters K,   Λ, ,Μ, and N.

Math: We worked on the numbers 5 and 6.  We also started learning the shapes making our BOOK OF SHAPES.  So far we have done the circle (κύκλος), and square (τετράγωνο).

With brown (καφέ), gray (γκρι), black (μαύρο) and white (άσπρο) we completed the colors and our book of colors in the Greek language.

When working with the colors black and white, we talked about the brides white dress, the grooms black tuxedo and all about the Greek wedding.  The Greek traditions we have and the terms we use such as bride= νύφη, groom= γαμπρός, best man= κουμπάρος,  wedding ring= βέρες,στέφανα, and what we wish the new couple on their wedding day= να ζήσετε.

On October 28th we celebrated the OXI day.  We talked about this important day in Greek history and we learned to say ΟΧΙ στον πόλεμο=No to war, ΝΑΙ  στην Ειρήνη =Yes to Peace.

I also would like to inform you that we already started reading in Greek.  Small words like μα-μά, ....I am very happy and impressed with their progress…and it is only November 1st.

I am always available for questions and new ideas.

Kαλό μήνα! Have a wonderful new month!

Ka Maria V.

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Our Stars this month have been:Anastasia R., Akylina,  Anthony and Melina.  Thank you to the mothers who helped organize our Fall Party.  Don’t forget library books are due on or before Friday.  There is no school scheduled for students the week of Thanksgiving (Professional Development Day on Monday 11/19, Parent/Teacher Conferences on Tuesday 11/20 and Thanksgiving Holiday 11/21-11/23). HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you!  I am thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY for all of your children!  Lots of love from the luckiest teacher, KA JESSICA :)


Kindergarten - October 2012

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Hellenic American Academy - Socrates Day School

Kindergarten - Monthly Newsletter

October 1, 2012

Reading These past few weeks in Reading have been busy!  Our HF words have been: I, a, my and the.  Your child should be able to read these past words with ease.  The class reviews ALL HF words daily.  These words have been added to our notebooks and poems containing these words have been read and written.  Letters Mm, Ss, Rr,Tt, Nn and Pp were introduced.  The correct formation of these letters was practiced and words beginning with these letters were brainstormed.
Listening/speaking vocabulary words this past month have been: ability, confident, reverse, complained, talent, encourage, differ, stalking, mellow, automatic, perfectly, resemblance, feast, gusto, prepare, lonely, remind and preoccupied.  Try and use these words in everyday conversation with your child!
Phonemic skills worked on: words in sentences, syllable blending, syllable segmentation and deletion  We also studied writing skills - names, labels, signs and captions.   Each child completed a sentence starter about what they like to do in the fall.
Please refer to the Comprehensive Skills Chart in your curriculum packet to see the literature we’ve read.

MathStudents in Math class learned about sorting, graphing and position and location (inside/outside, above/below/on, in front of/behind, left/right).  They also learned the geometric shapes; cube, sphere, cylinder and cone.  We took our first Math assessment and began our Topic titled One to Five.  Most students have also been working at Math centers in our class and on basic addition.

ScienceThe class studied how air, water and food helps plants and animals.  We also learned that living things require space (ask them if they all fit into Ka Jessica’s masking tape house on the rug!).  The children took an assessment and planted marbles and seeds.  Some think that the marbles will grow!  We’re waiting to find out!  We began Chapter 2, Growing and Changing.  The students learned ways that people and animals change,  The Kindergarteners are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our caterpillars!  They discussed how animals are alike and different and learned that animals move in different ways.  We even pretended to be animals :)

Social StudiesThe children learned why we need rules at school, how we can help each other and who helps us at school. The students took their first assessment.  We began Unit 2, Our Big Book of Communities.  The students learned what a neighborhood is and what maps show us.


   Dear kindergarten parents,
SEPTEMBER was a very creative and fun month full of new learning experiences.
In Language we learned the letters
O,o(Όμικρον)Ομπρέλα(Umbrella),οδοντόβουρτσα(toothbrush), οδοντόκρεμα(toothpaste),οδοντίατρος(dentist)
A,α (άλφα)Αγάπη(love),αεροπλάνο(plane),αστέρι(star)
αυτοκίνητο(car)... and
Τ,τ (ταφ)Τηλέφωνο(telephone),τηλεόραση(television),
Ιn Math we practiced on numbers 2(δύο),3(τρία) and 4(τέσσερα).
We worked on the colors: Red(Κόκκινο), yellow(κίτρινο), blue(μπλέ)and
lightblue(γαλάζιο),green(πράσινο),orange(πορτοκαλί),pink(ρόζ) and purple(μωβ) and also learned the fruits and vegetables associated with these colors.
SEPTEMBER is dedicated to the kids.  It's All About Them. We started learning the characteristics of our face , the parts of our body and our 5 Senses(5 Αισθήσεις).
Οn September 14th we celebrated  the feast of "The
Elevation of the Honorable and Life-giving Cross.We discussed the meaning of that day and we made our own Crosses out of Wood and Play dough.

Καλό μήνα! Have a wonderful October!
Ka Maria Vasileiadou

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Our Stars this month have been: Anastasia T.,  Paris, and Elena.  Reading Rabbit is enjoying his many excursions!  Don’t forget to look at Ka Jessica’s Kindergarten on Shutterfly.  The Kindergarteners enjoyed a visit from the firefighters this past Thursday and Tammy Town on Friday.  I hope they shared all of the things that were learned.  We did not attend library this past Friday due to our Tammy Town visit.  Don’t forget library books are due on Friday or before.  Current book orders are due Friday, October 5.  I hope to see all of you at our Fall Harvest dance on October 19.  I will be the one face painting!  
Thank you for all of your donations to our classrooms from our wish list.  
Love to one and all from the luckiest teacher,
Ka Jessica


Kindergarten - September 2012

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Kindergarten Newsletter

September, 2012


Welcome to Kindergarten new and returning families!

Each month, you will receive a monthly newsletter containing important news about your child’s learning experiences and other information you may require.  They will be emailed to the address you have on file in the office and can also be found on our school’s website.  Please read these letters thoroughly.  They will help in answering any questions you may have, especially when you ask your child what they did at school today and their response is “nothing” J

Please make sure your child arrives to school between 8:15-8:20.  They are marked tardy after 8:25.  As always, if there are any questions, problems or concerns please do not hesitate to email me at                                                                                                                                          Most communication from our class will be sent by email.


The first few days of Kindergarten were spent learning our classroom rules and expectations.  We have been role-playing and learning a little bit about one another.  The children have adjusted nicely and so has their teacher!

I will be sending home Leveled Readers in the next couple of weeks.  These readers are to stay in your child’s English folder when not being read at home.  They must be kept in your child’s folder so that they may be exchanged at any time.  The readers usually go home on Mondays.  Have your child read them to you daily.

Remember: OUT at home and IN to school (our folder method)


In Reading, we began Theme 1, All About Me.  The students spent time making predictions, counting words in sentences, writing names, reading the High Frequency word I, learning listening/speaking vocabulary words: ability, confident, reverse, complained, talent and encourage.  The Kindergarteners are also being assessed (an on-going process).  When beginning of the year assessments are complete, I will be grouping the students according to ability.

Letters Mm and Ss were written, the sounds these letters represent was practiced and words beginning with these letters were shared.  Please assist your child in the correct formation of these and all letters.  A letter formation guide will be sent home in a few days.

We have read the following stories: Following the Rules, Mrs. Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, Frog and Toad, From Head to Toe and Something Special.

On most Fridays, your child will be sent home with a black and white copied book.  These are yours to keep and practice with throughout the coming year.  Do not confuse these with our Leveled Readers.


In Math class, the students have learned about sorting and classifying objects.  They have learned to tell how things are alike or different and how to sort objects into different groups.  New Math vocabulary students learned include: different, does not belong, same and sort.  I have already started Math Centers and enrichment.


In Science, we began our Life Science unit.  We learned what plants and animals need to survive.  In Social Studies, we discussed who is in a family, how families are alike and different, where families live and how people in a family get along.   We studied maps and learned what they show us.


As you can see, we’ve been busy!  My love to all-

Lots of love from the luckiest teacher, Ka JessicaJ




Mon, Sep 3, 2012

GREEK Kindergarten NEWS!

The first days of our new school year went by smoothly.
We started exploring and familiarizing ourselves with our kindergarten
class.We learned how to say 'What's your name" Πώς σε λένε? '' My name
is...'' Με λένε Greek and always to say thank you (ευχαριστώ)
and your welcome (παρακαλώ).
We also started our morning routine with prayer " Πάτερ Ημών'' , the
National Greek Anthem,the Calendar and the Weather.

We learned the 7 days of the WEEK, the 12 MONTHS of the year and
the 4 SEASONS  through songs that we repeat every day.

In LANGUAGE we started working in the Greek Alphabet (We previously
practiced on pre writing exercises).
Our first letter is Ι,ι (γιώτα),like
Ινδιάννος (Indian), Ιπποπόταμος (Hippo), Ιππόκαμπος (Sea horse), etc...

They are so excited with their new greek books.

In MATH we introduced numbers zero (μηδέν) and ένα (one).

I am sure that we will have a wonderful new school year filled with
fun, knowledge and love.

I am always open to new ideas and suggestions!

Don't hestitate to contact me any time.  My email address is

Have a wonderful September! Καλό μήνα!

Κα Μaria Vasileiadou


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